Cllr Neil Puttick


South Ward

Finance Committee (Chair)

Cllr Neil Puttick

I am Neil Puttick your Town Councillor for South Macclesfield Ward.

In my job, I am a Web Developer supporting local companies but also managing digital assets for a number of international businesses. I have a passion for creating creative community projects both in Macclesfield and further afield and have organised award-winning events, artworks and happenings.

As a new Dad, I am conscious of our need to help the future of our town. I am part of the Scoop and Scales co-operative and Treehouse collective encouraging local people to stop using plastic and be environmentally friendly. I am working with a range of organisations helping develop an EcoHub for Macclesfield. As well as taking action on Climate Change, we need to make sure there are jobs and opportunities for our area. Through a Community Interest Company IDST!, I have successfully applied for and received national funding to setup a Creative Makerspace: helping the people of Macclesfield turn their ideas into a reality.