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Governance Documents

The Macclesfield Town Council Constitution.

Governance Documents

Here you can view the Governance Documents associated with Macclesfield Town Council (MTC)

  1. MTC Constitution
  2. MTC Standing Orders
  3. MTC Financial Regulations
  4. MTC Code Of Conduct
  5. MTC Council TofR
  6. MTC Services TofR
  7. MTC Personnel TofR
  8. MTC Finance Committee TofR
  9. MTC Planning Committee TofR
  10. MTC Committe Membership
  11. MTC Employee Handbook
  12. MTC Financial Risk Assessment
  13. MTC Health and Safety General Policy
  14. MTC Quality Policy
  15. MTC Procurement Policy
  16. MTC ICT Policy
  17. MTC Information and Data Protection Policy
  18. MTC Investment Policy
  19. MTC Grants Policy
  20. MTC Customer Care Policy
  21. MTC Equality Policy
  22. MTC Community and Social Policy
  23. MTC Volunteers Policy
  24. MTC Cadet Policy
  25. MTC Environmental Policy
  26. MTC Mayor’s Civic Award Policy
  27. MTC Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy
  28. MTC Complaints Procedure
  29. MTC Complaints Form
  30. MTC Community Grant Application Form
  31. MTC Pensions Discretion Policy
  32. MTC Vision Corporate Strategy
  33. MTC Retention of Documents
  34. MTC Banners, A-Boards and Signage Policy
  35. MTC Clear Way Forward
  36. MTC Publication Scheme

2016/17 Annual Report – here
2015/16 Annual Report – here

2016/17 Audit Submission – Audit Submission & Audit Notice & Supporting Information
2016/17 Conclusion of audit (Audit submission and supporting information as above)

2015/16 Audit Submission – Audit Submission & Audit Notices & Supporting info
2015/16 CONCLUSION OF AUDIT NOTICE (Audit submission and supporting information as above)

The Macclesfield Charter Trust was dissolved following the creation of Macclesfield Town Council, its Audit Submission for 2015/16 can be accessed here – Audit Notices 2015 16 MCT & Audit Submission 2015 16 MCT. Macclesfield Charter Trust CONCLUSION OF AUDIT NOTICE


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