TOIL Policy

TOIL Policy




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001 Town Clerk Full Council 29/03/22


1.0      Introduction


Macclesfield Town Council is a flexible and work life balance employer.


Macclesfield Town Council recognises that on occasions, the hours worked by employees may exceed their contracted hours.  This may be due to: evening meetings, weekend work, call outs during out of hours working, or there may be an occasional unplanned yet urgent need to extend the working day.


2.0      Aim of Policy


To promote fairness and equality these guidelines provide guidance to employees when actual hours of work are in excess of contracted hours of work.


2.0      Definition of Terms

Time off in lieu (TOIL) TOIL is defined as: “time off which you are allowed to take, instead of overtime pay, for hours worked beyond an employee’s contracted hours”. . TOIL is not a tool to be used to accrue time to enable extra days leave to be taken.

TOIL does not form part of your Terms and Conditions of Employment.

If an employee chooses to work extra hours without the agreement of their line manager this will not be treated as TOIL.


3.0      Record Keeping

You should let your line manager know that you expect to go over your contracted hours and gain an agreement that this can be claimed back as TOIL. You can record additional hours on the form (see appendix 1) however we aim to manage a less onerous approach and hope that TOIL will be used on ‘one off’ occasions. Preference would be that you arrange with your line manager that the extra hours you plan to work can be eligible for TOIL and a date you plan to take the TOIL. When you plan to take the TOIL clearly state it in the shared Outlook calendar. If the extra time worked is fifteen minutes or less, this does not need to be documented on a Time In Lieu Form (in order to avoid too much form-filling) and should be dealt with locally and informally by agreement with the line manager.


4.0      Time off in Lieu – (TOIL)

Taking back any time in lieu must be agreed by a line manager according to service needs and should be recorded on a Time off in Lieu Form (see appendix 1).

Any time in lieu accumulated should be taken as soon as possible and within the quarter, unless there is an agreement with your line manager.

Normally no more than one day at a time should be taken back at once, and this is at the discretion of the line manager.

If an employee wishes to take TOIL in conjunction with annual leave (i.e. added at the beginning or end of such leave) the effect this will have on operational needs and staffing will need to be taken into consideration before agreement is given.

Toil will not be exchanged for salary payments.






Date Reason for TOIL Earned

(eg: evening meeting)







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