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Playing Out is a scheme whereby short-term road closures on minor streets, supported by local councils and led by residents, allow children to play freely, without organised games or activities.

In practice, this means children cycle, scoot, skate, chalk, skip, hopscotch, kick a ball around and make up games. They are joyous and active!

This model was first developed by parents (co-founders of Playing Out) on one street in Bristol in 2009 and has now been taken up by hundreds of street communities all over the UK– and beyond – supported by councils and local organisations, harking back to 50-60 years ago when children ‘played out’ all the time.

Our aim is to launch this project in Macclesfield so that children can enjoy the benefits of Playing Out.

If you would like to find out more, please visit

Welcome – Playing Out

If you are interested in holding a play street in your area, please contact Community and Events Manager Helena Gowler on

We still have a little way to go before the project can launch but watch this space!