Mads Theatre Exterior Sign

MADS Theatre

On 15th October 1947, nine people met at Frank Snelson’s butcher’s shop on Park Lane intending to establish an amateur dramatic society associated with Macclesfield.

A society which, according to T Bancroft, the Society’s first secretary, “belonged to the townspeople and was independent of any other organisation”. Frank Snelson would become the founding Chairman of MADS.

Since then, MADS has celebrated both its Golden and Diamond Jubilees, performing 250 main season productions, and many more one acts, studio productions and festival entries. Further development has taken place in the theatre. The stage was permanently extended, a state-of-the-art flying grid was installed over the stage, the downstairs wardrobe was converted into a bar and lounge, the stage storage has been expanded and the cellar refurbished, providing a permanent home for the extensive wardrobe and creating extra space for our furniture and props.


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Information on the Mads 24-25 Season can be found above, but for further details and more information visit the MADS website MADS Theatre Website