Macclesfield Town Rangers Team members

The Work of the Rangers

A new initiative from Macclesfield Town Council that started in April 2019

The Work of the Rangers

The Macclesfield Town Ranger service is a new initiative from Macclesfield Town Council that started in April 2019. Initially employing one full time town ranger, the aim was to focus on tasks that clear and clean the hard to reach areas, such as road signs, ginnels, grot spots and additional cover for litter picking, street furniture repairs and focusing on the Macc in Bloom floral displays. The Ranger service is complimentary and additional to the services contracted by Cheshire East Council. Sometimes a grot spot that needs cleaning up is under the responsibility of Cheshire East Council or a private landowner , however you can still ask and we can direct you to the right place.

The service was so helpful and well received, Macclesfield Town Council has already increased the provision with an additional town ranger from April 2020, to tackle twice the problems, but also to try and encourage residents to volunteer to support the ongoing improvement to the public realm and build civic pride in Macclesfield, developing a Clean Team of volunteers as well as encouraging people to get involved in Macc in Bloom.

If you can’t volunteer at the moment, you can help the ranger team tackle jobs in your area by sending us details (and pictures if you can) of issues you have come across to and we’ll try, where we can, to help solve the problem.