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Local Government Transparency


The Local Government Transparency Code 2015 was issued by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to define the publication of information by local authorities about the discharge of their functions.

You can access a copy of the code here:

For the council’s Governance documents click here.


In relation to the functions undertaken by Macclesfield Town Council, the following datasets will be published quarterly – Expenditure over £500 and Grants Awarded.

The open data we release is licensed under the Open Government License (external website). You may use and re-use the data that is available under this license with only a few conditions. Use of material expressly made available under this license (the ‘Information’) indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the license.

Expenditure over £500

Individual items of expenditure that exceed £500 are shown in comma separated files.  Grant awards are shown separately under Voluntary and Community Sector Grants.

Most recent

Expenditure over £500 Apr-Jun 2018


Expenditure over £500 Jan-Mar 2018

Expenditure over £500 Oct-Dec 2017

Expenditure over £500 Jul-Sep 2017

Expenditure over £500 Apr-Jun 2017

Expenditure over £500 Jan-Mar 2017

Expenditure over £500 Oct-Dec 2016

Expenditure over £500 Jul-Sep 2016

Expenditure over £500 Apr-Jun 2016

Expenditure over £500 Jan-Mar 2016

Expenditure over £500 Oct-Dec 2015

Voluntary and Community Sector Grants

Grants awarded by Macclesfield Town Council are shown in comma separated files.

Most recent

Grants Apr-Jun 2018


Grants Jan-Mar 2018

Grants Oct-Dec 2017

Grants Jul-Sep 2017

Grants Apr-Jun 2017

Grants Jan-Mar 2017

Grants Oct-Dec 2016

Grants Jul-Sep 2016

Grants Apr-Jun 2016

Grants Jan-Mar 2016

Grants Oct-Dec 2015


It is a requirement for Local Authorities to annually publish information about counter fraud.

Fraud 2017-18

Fraud 2016-17

Fraud 2015-16

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