Local Government Transparency

The Local Government Transparency Code 2015 was issued by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to define the publication of information by local authorities about the discharge of their functions.

The Local Government Transparency Code

The Council’s Governance documents


In relation to the functions undertaken by Macclesfield Town Council, the following datasets will be published quarterly – Expenditure over £500 and Grants Awarded.

In relation to contracts awarded through a tender process (value in excess of £50,000), the data will be published upon project delivery.

Personal data will be redacted if it can identify an individual.

The open data we release is licensed under the Open Government License (external website). You may use and re-use the data that is available under this license with only a few conditions. Use of material expressly made available under this license (the ‘Information’) indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the license.


2021/22 Notice of Conclusion of Audit for the year ended 31 March 2022
2021/22 Audit Submission Notice Public Rights & 2021/22 Annual Submission
2020/21 Notice of Conclusion of Audit year ended March 31 2021
2020/21 Audit Submission – Notice public rights & 2020-21 annual submission
2019/20 Conclusion of audit year ended March 31 2020
2019/20 Audit Submission – Notice of Public Rights & 2019-20 annual submission
2018/19 Audit Submission – 2018 19 annual submission
2018/19 2018 19 Conclusion of audit
2017/18 Audit Submission – 2017 18 annual submission & 2017 18 CH0231 S3 & 2017 18 CH0231 AGAR
2017/18 2017 18 Conclusion of audit (Audit submission and supporting information as above)
2016/17 Audit Submission – 2016 17 Audit Submission & Audit Notice & Supporting Information
2016/17 2016 17 Conclusion of audit (Audit submission and supporting information as above)
2015/16 Audit Submission – 2015 16 Audit Submission & 2015 16 Audit Notices & 2015 16 Supporting info
2015/16 2015 16 Conclusion of audit (Audit submission and supporting information as above)
The Macclesfield Charter Trust was dissolved following the creation of Macclesfield Town Council, its Audit Submission for 2015/16 can be accessed here – Audit Notices 2015 16 MCT & Audit Submission 2015 16 MCT. Macclesfield Charter Trust Conclusion of audit 2015 MCT.

Contracts & Invitations to Tender/Quote

Contracts with an estimated value over £25,000 will be subject to a tendering or procurement exercise.
The Council’s tender process is documented in Standing Orders for Contracts.


Contracts Register 22/23
Contracts Awarded 2021/22 Excel
Contracts Awarded 2020-21 (CSV)
Contracts Awarded 2019-20 (CSV)
Contracts Awarded 2018-19 (CSV)
ITT Register (Excel)



Land & Property Owned by the Council

Weston Community Centre, Earslway, Macclesfield
Birtles Road Allotment Site, Birtles Road, Macclesfield
Springfield Road Allotment Site, Springfield Road, Macclesfield
Park Grove Allotment Site, Park Grove, Macclesfield
Moss Lane Allotment Site, Stamford Road, Macclesfield
Knowsley Road Allotment Site, Knowsley Road, Macclesfield
Byrons Lane Allotment Site, Laburnum Road, Macclesfield


It is a requirement for Local Authorities to annually publish information about counter fraud.

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Fraud 2022-23
Fraud 2021-22
Fraud 2020-21
Fraud 2019-20
Fraud 2018-19
Fraud 2017-18
Fraud 2016-17
Fraud 2015-16