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Town Rangers

The Town Rangers, led by Damon Bayley are a real asset, focusing on keeping the town as clean and tidy as they can. Always happy to help, if you see an area that you think the Rangers may be able to help with call us on 01625 374142 or email admin@macclesfield-tc.gov.uk and let us know.

Alternatively, you can message us via our Facebook page.

For more pictures of their great work follow them on facebook here Macclesfield Town Ranger | Facebook.

The Macclesfield Town Ranger service is an initiative from Macclesfield Town Council that started in April 2019.

Initially employing one full time town ranger, the aim was to focus on tasks that clear and clean the hard to reach areas, such as road signs, ginnels, grot spots and additional cover for litter picking, street furniture repairs and focusing on the Macclesfield in Bloom floral displays.

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