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Arrival and departure

Where possible, a parking space should be reserved for the Mayor’s car.

The organiser of the event is requested to arrange for someone to meet the Mayor and Mayoress on arrival. You will be notified in advance if the Mayor is going to be accompanied by the Mayoress.

The person greeting the Mayor should introduce the Mayor and Mayoress to a responsible person who will act as a host for the duration of the Mayor’s visit.

The host should make introductions throughout the engagement.

It is usual, on formal occasions, for people to stand when the Mayor enters and leaves the room. The Mayor should be escorted from the venue at the time of departure.

Arrival time

As a general rule, the Mayor will arrive five to ten minutes before the start of your event. It avoids any unnecessary waiting and allows the Mayor to proceed to his position and to discuss any last minute changes.

How to address the Mayor

If you are either producing a publication for your event or the Mayor is to be announced at the event, the correct form of address is ‘The Worshipful the Mayor of Macclesfield, Councillor David Edwardes’.

After the formal introductions, the Mayor can be addressed as ‘Mr Mayor’.  The Mayoress should be addressed as Mayoress, Mrs Natalia Belinskya.


The precedence afforded to the Mayor is part of the general law of the UK. The place reserved for the Mayor should be on the immediate right of the Chair, President or other person presiding. If the Lord Lieutenant, Deputy Lord Lieutenant or Cheshire East Mayor is present, the Mayor should be seated on the immediate left.

The Mayoress should be seated on the immediate left of the Chair, except when the Mayor sits on the Chair’s left, in which case the Mayor’s guest should sit on the Mayor’s left.

Deputy Mayor

When the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Fiona Wilson, is attending a function in place of the Mayor, she should be accorded the same precedence due to the Mayor, and all relevant advice above should be granted to her.  The correct title is ‘Madam Deputy Mayor’ and she should be addressed in these words after formal introductions.

Useful facts

  • A male and female Mayor can be addressed as ‘Mr Mayor’.  However many female Mayors choose to be known as ‘Madam Mayor’.
  • The Mayor can have either a female Mayoress or a male Consort.
  • When the Mayor is dressed in his/her robes, no one must walk between the Mayor and the Mace (which is carried by the Mayor’s Officer, or Attendant).
  • As soon as a councillor is officially elected to be the town’s next Mayor, he/she becomes, and is addressed as the Mayor-Elect.
  • The historical role of the Mayor’s Consort, or Attendant, is to primarily protect the Chain of Office.


If you are a voluntary organisation, you may photograph the Mayor during your event for the use of your organisation or club.

However, if the photograph is to be used for a commercial organisation, please note that no use should be made of any photograph, image of or reference to, the Mayor in any commercial publicity, advertising, promotional or public relations material for present or future use to promote your company, business, products or services, without the prior written permission from the Mayor’s office.