Quotations & Tenders

Quotations, Tenders & Contracts

Any current requests for quotation and/or tender are listed below.

Tender and quotation submitting business and organisations are wholly responsible for clarification and confirmation of any details relating to projects listed below. Details may be updated during the tender process, so please ensure you are working to the most recent version.

All tenders, supplies, contracts and associated items relating to procurement are presumed to be supplied new at point of supply to the council. If a tendering organisation is specifying pre-used products within their submission this must be clearly highlighted and confirmed with the council. Tenders/quotations can be disqualified if this is not fulfilled and the council may choose to cease contracts if details are believed to have been withheld or not made clear. By submitting a quotation or tender you are agreeing to this stipulation.

NOTE: Acceptable digital document formats for written submissions (can include images) – MS Word; pdf. Acceptable digital document formats for image submissions – png, jpg, tif. All other formats are subject to consideration and are not acceptable unless the tender administrator confirms acceptance in writing.


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