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The Mayor is the First Citizen of Macclesfield. The Mayor can add weight to special events such as the opening of new establishments and give valuable support to local groups.

The Mayor changes every year and is elected by fellow councillors at the Annual General Meeting of the Macclesfield Town Council.

Cllr Beverley Dooley was invested as Mayor of Macclesfield on 15th May 2017.

The Deputy Mayor is Cllr Adam Schofield

Mayor’s Consort: Mr Sebastian Dooley & Mrs Carol Capper

Mayor’s Chaplain: Father Paschal

Mayor’s Cadet: Kieran Forshaw

Mayor’s Theme: ‘Caring for one and all’

Cllr Dooley has lived in Macclesfield since 1968. As a child she lived in Bollington, where she attended St Gregory’s Catholic School and later Poynton High School. After leaving school, Cllr Dooley worked in the family business. She has two children and two grandchildren.

Cllr Dooley is a Cheshire East and Macclesfield Town Councillor. She enjoys patch-working, embroidery and reading. Her approach to life is that it’s about “making memories and taking each day as it comes”.

Mayor of Macclesfield Cllr Alift Harewood-Jones & Deputy Mayor Cllr Beverley Dooley

Mayor’s Charities


To make a donation, please contact the Civic Officer on or call 01625 374142.


Supports the Whole Family by holding monthly parent support meetings/workshops and events and clubs for all ages.

Address: The Space Centre, 15-17 Mill Lane, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 7NN



Support in the community organisation, offering their service users a safe, secure and stable environment in which they can start to tackle their addictions and personal issues.

Address: 3A Churchside, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 1HG
Phone: 01625 619 106

Your Mayor’s Civic Calendar of Visits and Events

april, 2018

6apr9:30 am- 10:30 amPlanning CommitteeEvent Type :Council Meeting

9apr7:00 pm- 8:00 pmServices CommitteeEvent Type :Council Meeting

22apr11:00 am- 3:00 pmSt George's Day Community Event and ParadeEvent Type :Community Event

23apr7:00 pm- 8:00 pmFinance CommitteeEvent Type :Council Meeting

23apr7:30 pm- 9:00 pmMacclesfield Group of the Family History Society of Cheshire AprilCome along and research your family historyEvent Type :Community Event

27apr9:30 am- 10:30 amPlanning CommitteeEvent Type :Council Meeting

27apr11:00 am- 1:00 pmPreAGM Briefing FULL COUNCILEvent Type :Council Meeting

The Mayor of Macclesfield is pleased to support local organisations in Macclesfield by:




·      attending voluntary and charitable events,
·      visiting schools or youth groups,
·      attending local association events.

The Mayor is also pleased to host visits at Macclesfield Town Hall.

Due to demand it is not possible for the Mayor to accept every invitation. If the Mayor cannot attend an event, the Deputy Mayor may attend in the Mayor’s place.

In your invitation please indicate what you wish the Mayor to do, for example; attend only, give a speech, present awards.

If you would like to contact the mayor direct, please contact:

Harriet Worrell
Civic Officer
Macclesfield Town Council, Macclesfield Town Hall, Market Place, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 1EA.

T: 01625 374142

To request a visit from the Mayor to your event or organisation please complete this form and we will get back to you to confirm the Mayor’s availability.

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Mayor’s Civic Awards 2018

The Mayor of Macclesfield is pleased to announce the launch of this year’s Civic Awards.

The award categories for the Mayor’s Civic Awards are:

  • Community Involvement Civic Award
  • Young Person Award
  • Sporting Award
  • Art and Culture Award
  • Environment Award
  • Business Civic Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award


The Mayor will present winners with their award during a ceremony at Macclesfield Town Hall on 6th May 2018.

To download guidance click here
To download a nomination form click here

Nominations must be received by 16th March 2018.



Mayor’s Civic Award Presentations 2017

Community Awards presented to Sheila King for her commitment to East Cheshire Hospice and Trevor MacKay for his civic and community work.

There were two Youth Awards, presented to James Alexander and Tom Smith for their voluntary work with local charity Space4Autism.

Two local charities received awards, Streetwise and Reach Out And Recover (ROAR), for their services to the community and the positive impact they have had on many people’s  lives in Macclesfield.

Hannah Bristow was selected to receive the Sporting achievement award for representing Macclesfield at both a national and international level in sailing events and competitions.

The Arts and Culture award was given to Elizabeth Hudson for her work with Macclesfield Youth Brass Band.

Beryl Footman and Ron Gill were presented with the Lifetime Achievement awards, having both served the communities of Macclesfield for many years and in many aspects of the town.

Mayor’s Civic Award Presentations 2016

On Sunday 10th April 2016, the Mayor of Macclesfield presented personalised certificates and especially commissioned badges to the following people:

Richard Nelson and Ben Beer for rescuing the Macclesfield Juniors Football Club from threat of closure and which now offers coaching facilities to over 200 children and their families.

Ruth Eglin, Natalie Nuttall, Sue Brereton and Nicola John who formed the Smile Group, a Macclesfield based post-natal depression group that has helped hundreds of women in the local area deal with the debilitating condition of post-natal depression.

Mary Riva and Bernice Jones who have given weekly reading support to children at Hurdsfield Primary School for many years.

Cathy King who volunteers at Hurdsfield Community Library where she runs the service each Saturday and assists people with practical support.

Kevin Bradbury for many years of committed leadership at the Macclesfield Boys Boxing Club, where he has helped hundreds of youngsters develop self-esteem and discipline.

John Hartshorn who founded Artspace and manages ongoing voluntary services for the project.

Louise Williamson who founded and runs Treehouse; providing free hot meals, drinks and company to the homeless people of Macclesfield.

Theresa Hayton for co-ordinating the Food Bank based at SilkLife Church which provides emergency food support to local people and families who would otherwise go hungry.


Visit Protocol

Arrival and departure
Where possible, a parking space should be reserved for the Mayoral car.

The organiser of the event is requested to arrange for someone to meet the Mayor and her Consort on arrival. You will be notified in advance if the Mayor is going to be accompanied by her Consort.

The person greeting the Mayor should introduce the Mayor and Consort to a responsible person who will act as a host for the duration of the Mayor’s visit.

The host should make introductions throughout the engagement.

It is usual, on formal occasions, for people to stand when the Mayor enters and leaves the room. The Mayor should be escorted from the venue at the time of departure.

Arrival time
As a general rule, the Mayor will arrive five to ten minutes before the start of your event. It avoids any unnecessary waiting and allows the Mayor to proceed to her position and to discuss any last minute changes.

How to address the Mayor
If you are either producing a publication for your event or the Mayor is to be announced at the event, the correct form of address is ‘The Worshipful the Mayor of Macclesfield, Councillor Beverley’.

After the formal introductions, the Mayor can be addressed as ‘Madam Mayor’.  The Consort should be addressed by their name.

The Consort
When attending an official engagement the Consort will usually accompany the Mayor.

The precedence afforded to the Mayor is part of the general law of the UK. The place reserved for the Mayor should be on the immediate right of the Chair, President or other person presiding. If the Lord Lieutenant, Deputy Lord Lieutenant or Cheshire East Mayor is present, the Mayor should be seated on the immediate left.

The Mayor’s Consort should be seated on the immediate left of the Chair, except when the Mayor sits on the Chair’s left, in which case the Mayor’s guest should sit on the Mayor’s left.

Deputy Mayor  
When the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Adam Schofield is attending a function in place of the Mayor, he should be accorded the same precedence due to the Mayor, and all relevant advice above should be granted to him.  The correct title is ‘Mr Deputy Mayor’ and he should be addressed in these words after formal introductions.

Useful facts
•  A male and female Mayor can be addressed as ‘Mr Mayor’.  However many female Mayors choose to be known as ‘Madam Mayor’.
•  The Mayor can have either a Lady Mayoress or a male Consort.
•   When the Mayor is dressed in his/her robes, no one must walk between the Mayor and the Mace (which is carried by the Mayor’s Officer, or Attendant).
•   As soon as a councillor is officially elected to be the town’s next Mayor, he/she becomes, and is addressed as the Mayor-Elect.
•   The historical role of the Mayor’s Consort, or Attendant, is to primarily protect the Chain of Office.

If you are a voluntary organisation, you may photograph the Mayor during your event for the use of your organisation or club.

However, if the photograph is to be used for a commercial organisation, please note that no use should be made of any photograph, image of or reference to, the Mayor in any commercial publicity, advertising, promotional or public relations material for present or future use to promote your company, business, products or services, without the prior written permission from the Mayor’s office.

Upcoming Events


Mayor’s Charity Ball

Saturday 24th February, 7pm

The Tytherington Club

Raising funds for ROAR and Space4Autism

£37.50 per ticket
Call 01625 374142 for details


Previous Events


Charity Quiz Night

 Saturday 7th October, 7:30pm

Townley Hall, URC, Park Green

Raising funds for ROAR and Space4Autism

Click here for more information


Saturday 9th September 2017, 3:30pm

Tytherington Club

Raising funds for ROAR and Space4Autism

Click here for more information


SUNDAY 23rd JULY 2017, 3pm


Chester Road, Macclesfield

Mayor of Macclesfield’s Christmas Card Competition 2017


Thank you to everyone who entered. With so many fantastic designs, selecting just three winners was a difficult task.


The winners are:


Sophie Whitaker, aged 5, Marlborough Primary School





Samuel Newton-Kellett, aged 6,  Marlborough Primary School





Rose Swithenbank, aged 9, Ash Grove Academy


Deputy Mayor of Macclesfield

Deputy Mayor

Mayor and Chaplain

Mayor & Chaplain

Mayor and Cadet

Mayor & Cadet

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