Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group Meeting – 10th September 2020

Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group Meeting – 10th September 2020

Thu 10th Sep 2020, 8:30am

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Thu 10th Sep 2020, 8:30am

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Working Group - Town Centre Recovery

Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group Minutes

Minutes of the meeting to be held at 8.30am 10.30am on 10th September 2020


Emma Anderson Macclesfield Museums
Matthew Baqueriza-Jackson (Co – Chair) Make it Macclesfield
Cllr Liz Brathwaite Cheshire East Council
Justine​ Gore Peaks and Plains Housing Trust
Cllr Janet Jackson MBE (Co-Chair) Macclesfield Town Council (Chair)
Cllr Nick Mannion Cheshire East Council
Cllr Fiona Wilson Macclesfield Town Council
Laura Smith Macclesfield Town Council
Jo Wise Cheshire East Council

1.  Welcome from Co/Chairs

Cllr Janet Jackson MBE and Matthew Baqueriza-Jackson welcomed the group and thanked them for the input and work completed.
Group members agreed to publicise group members on MTC website.

2.  Structure of the Recovery Plan

Matthew Baqueriza-Jackson presented a proposed structure for the recovery plan.

3.  Update to the Baseline Information

Update and presentation of the MTC and CEC response to Covid.
Update on footfall and collection on what properties are vacant in the town
Update and agreement on Business Confidence Survey and Residents survey.

4.  Initial Objectives

Members agreed to go through the High Street Task Force recovery plan prior to the next meeting with view to setting clear and realistic objectives as a priority.

5.  Tasks Moving Forward

  • Finalise the Structure
  • Go through High Street Task Force Objectives
  • Approval needed for surveys from CEC. Once approved surveys to be circulated by all members immediately.
  • Baseline data to be prepared and / or updated

–  Foot fall data in an accessible format, showing week on week, month and month and the same week with the previous year for comparison.
–  Update on vacant properties and what businesses are open in Macclesfield.
–  Collection of work in public realm and keeping the town safe and clean.
–  Start the collection of all the various events and reasons to visit the town centre.

6. Date of next meeting

The next meeting is set for 22nd September 2020 8.30am – 10.30 am via zoom.

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