South Park Pavilion Working Party 07.01.22

South Park Pavilion Working Party 07.01.22

Tue 4th Jan 2022

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Tue 4th Jan 2022

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Working Group - South Park Pavilion Working Party

South Park Pavilion Working Party Notes 7th Jan 2022 11.15am



Cllr Sandy Livingstone agreed to chair and was formally voted in.

Sandy led the introductions

Minutes agreed (change word group to party in the heading)

 Discussion and confirmation of Design Brief

Building regulations changing over the next couple of years- therefore we will want a building that will reflect the new regulations.

Comments and amendments:

  • Park Run to be changed throughout to Macclesfield parkrun.
  • Pg 2 steps forward – the chosen architect will then be asked (para 3)
  • Add, if possible, a downstairs hatch on the building.
  • Accessible toilets – open as long as possible and possible option for toilets to be open without the whole building being open.
  • Store sports equipment – lower case par
  • The task ( change it to the uses of Pav is intended to be diverse)
  • Stage 3 change date should be Nov 22 instead of 23
  • Opportunities 3rd bullet change to choose.
  • Key Elements to include a lift is necessary on the 2 storey option.
  • Break fee down per stage
  • South Park masterplan to be added – Ruth Morgan email to be added.
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Future proofing for Covid and future situations.
  • To remove reference to fishing.
  • Remove reference to community tennis
  • Add possible involvement of architectural students to be added to design brief



Therefore, design brief agreed with amendments

  • Go to procurement asap – next week
  • MTC continuing discussions on CEC with lease.


Crowd Funding options

    • Space Hive – agreed to forward with this option
    • Clear message needed for crowdfunding and communications plans.
    • Community share option- Laura will gain information and share.
    • Sponsorship from local businesses to be gained (we will need to plan how to do this)
    • Laura to email Lottery to see if funding could be gained for the project, by way of SPARK applying and to feedback asap.


Next Steps

    • Update the design brief with amendments
    • Procurement to start asap
    • Laura to investigate community share option and lottery and feedback.
    • Abi Sherratt to join for Comms plan for crowdfunding plan.
    • Presentation on SP Masterplan (Cllr Wilson, Cllr Jackson and Ruth to feedback).


Date of next Meeting


4th Feb 2022 at 2pm via zoom


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