Town Centre Recovery Working Group 28.06.22

Town Centre Recovery Working Group 28.06.22

Tue 28th Jun 2022

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Tue 28th Jun 2022

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Working Group - Town Centre Recovery



Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group

Notes of the meeting  held on 28 June 2022


          In Attendance:

  • Cllr Fiona Wilson
  • Cllr Liz Brathwaite
  • Frank Bailey
  • Laura Smith
  • Abi Sherratt
  • Emma Anderson
  • Aoife Middlemiss
  • Evi Girling



  • Cllr Nick Mannion
  • Cllr Janet Jackson
  • Jo Wise
  • Matt Todd
  • Becky Thompson


  1. Welcome from Chair

Cllr Fiona Wilson was elected to chair the meeting.


  1. Update from sub groups:


Outdoor Hospitality – Cllr Fiona Wilson

No further meeting since11th May

Key points as before:

Footfall data discussion resulted in TC and CEC pooling their resources to produce one set of data rather than doing one each, adding Park Green and Sunderland St.

Pavement licenses, implications that it could be that a license not necessary which could cause problems. Businesses are encouraged to apply of a license which is free.

Traffic restriction order in Market Place – confirmed

Outdoor hospitality area still being pursued at Park Green as up and coming area.

Levelling Up Fund- unlikely to be successful as we are category 3 – application will still be made.

Shared Prosperity Fund –11.6 million earmarked for CEC –  will have to set up a local partnership group to manage it.

Cllr Brathwaite – requested to join the sub group, to discuss pavement licenses.

Chair Cllr Fiona Wilson, said Cllr Brathwaite is welcome the group, however it is a CEC matter and suggested to find out if enforcement.

Cllr Brathwaite to liaise with Jo Wise and Cllr Wilson will arrange to speak with MHA.

Laura updated on the power supply at the Town Hall which has been condemned, Laura has contacted to CEC to see if it can be upgraded.


Art and Culture – Emma Anderson

New Chair – Lucy Thompson Smith from CEC.

Damaged piano has been moved to in front of the Sunday School.

Barnaby consultation is out.

24th June Rosies Plaques Event went very well.

IDST are leading on the light boxes, working with colleges and schools.

Pride is on 9th July, museum will connect with pride.

Macc FC has connected with the Silk Trust, Cllr Wilson and Emma will talk about this offline.

Heritage open days by the museum will be town wide.


Community Response- Aoife Middlemiss

CVS working with Peaks and Plains to make a video about volunteering to try to increase numbers of volunteers.

CVS new volunteering hub to promote volunteering.

Ukraine public meeting to be held by MTC, Tuesday 28th June.

Food banks are getting less donations.

Aoife will devise a leaflet for the TC and Mayor/Councillors to give out on the support CVS can give.


Environment – Matt Todd

Litter Picking

We have held 5 picks since the last working group meeting.

There will be a few more scheduled soon, but the big one to share here is on Sunday 17th July (3-5pm). The route will follow that of the Britain in Bloom judges who are coming on the Monday.

Meet at either:

Scoop and Scales shop (The Old Sunday School, Roe St, SK11 6UT) OR The café in West Park (SK10 3BJ)





Eco hub

One of the longer term actions the group are interested in pursuing is the potential for a physical location that is shared between groups, that might act as eco hub. We have had lots of individual conversations about this, but thought we might try a scheduled chat, to see what comes out of it.

Join us at the Wharf (107 Brook Street) at 19.30 on Monday 1st August


Next subgroup meeting

Tuesday 19th July (6-7pm)

Agenda to be circulated shortly



  1. Update on other activities:
  • CEC Feasibility Studies updates

Town Hall feasibility study complete.

Indoor Market feasibility study complete we are hoping that they will be out at the end of August. MTC are assisting with helping traders establish a committee again with ANSA, CEC, traders and MTC working together.

  • Shared Prosperity Fund- deadline 1st August – partnership group needs to be set up to manage the project. Laura shared to consultation to be filled in by July 4th.
  • Britain in Bloom Update – Portfolio is complete, judging date is set.
  • Public toilets- still wating for CEC to do a feasibility test to see if the indoor market is a suitable place.
  • Opportunity for all group members to update on events and activities coming up

Cllr Brathwaite updated that the Public Space Protection Order for the Town centre should be in place on Friday.

The museum has a new exhibition launched on Langley Printworks, who had the biggest collection of print blocks in the world.

Museum are having new branding.

Museum has a number of events on woman’s history.

Park Lane sign is missing – Cllr Brathwaite has logged and will chase up.

Frank updated that The Crossings has been fully handed over to P and P, 6 one bedroomed shared ownership apartments are still available.

Ian Kershaw is joining as Head of Development at Peaks and Plains.

Frank, met with Janey Moran and Lucy Thomspon-Smith about plans for artwork on Sunderland ST.

Cllr Fiona Wilson updated on her first Civic Event as the Mayor. It is a free event open to all of the public, 13th August, and will include a consultation for Pavilion.

  1. Date of next meeting


9th August 10am




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