Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group Terms of Reference

Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group Terms of Reference

Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group Terms of Reference

1. Purpose

1.1 The Town Centre Recovery Working Group (WG) has been established to develop and lead an integrated Covid-19 recovery plan for Macclesfield Town Centre as a result of the Macclesfield Town Council (MTC) focus group (FG) held on 28th July 2020, with the key purpose of boosting town centre footfall, vitality and viability.

1.2 The WG will comprise a small group of members led by MTC/Cheshire East Council (CEC) who will be responsible for the creation of the recovery plan. Wider focus group meetings, following the successful format of that held on 28th July 2020 will continue to be held, to gather views, feedback and ideas from a larger group of stakeholders. Representatives from the WG will attend and update the focus group on progress.

1.3 The principal responsibilities of the Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group (WG) will be first and foremost, to develop and lead a recovery plan for Macclesfield Town Centre in light of Covid-19 by:

  • Listening to the views of the focus group and stakeholders giving fair and proper consideration to all suggestions put forward for town centre recovery;
  • Developing and executing engagement and communication plans to gain support from key stakeholder groups, including the wider focus group, residents and potential Investors;
  • Using members existing knowledge and expertise;
  • Finding, arranging and completing research as needed;
  • Being respectful of the constraints and limitations on all parties and work collaboratively to identify opportunities for realistically deliverable initiatives which will support the town’s recovery;
  • Not including any actions in the plan to be taken forward by any party who has not given their considered and full agreement to its inclusion;
  • Considering the longer-term legacy of this group for the future.

2. Scope

2.1 The Working Group’s remit shall be focused on supporting the economic recovery of the town centre in the face of a recession caused by Covid-19 but initiatives included in the Recovery Plan may be of any nature, including measures focused on supporting economic recovery through social, cultural and environmental interventions.

2.2 Initiatives included in the Recovery Plan may be temporary or permanent but will be limited to what can be achieved in the short to medium term. Any longer-term initiatives suggested considered by the Working Group to be worthy of further consideration may be referred on to relevant parties as appropriate.

2.3 This is a ‘Task and Finish’ Group, which will exist to develop a Recovery Plan and thereafter only as long as is deemed necessary to facilitate delivery of the Plan. It is not anticipated the group will remain beyond a 12 month period, but this will be reviewed on completion of the Recovery Plan or a year after the inaugural meeting, whichever is the sooner.

2.4 The scope of the group and these terms of reference may be reviewed as and when it is felt appropriate by a majority of Working Group members.

3. Goals of the Working Group

3.1 The initial goals are taken from the results of the Focus Group held by MTC on 28th July 2020

3.2 Consider all ideas
Explore and consider all ideas suggested by the Forum or any stakeholder to boost town centre recovery, including but not limited to, exploring new initiatives to bring people to Macclesfield, additional ways to better connect with the train station and other parts of the town centre, community transport and good cycling and walking routes, pursuing opportunities to enhance local facilities to support town centre vitality, and opportunities for introducing new uses in underutilised or vacant spaces.

3.3 Create a Recovery Plan
Create and lead a recovery plan which is both operational and strategic and, whilst focused on identifying measures to support the short to medium term recovery of the town centre, respects the vision, objectives and longer term aspirations set out in the Macclesfield Town Centre Strategic Regeneration Framework and other strategic documents such as the Macclesfield Town Council Strategy 2019 -2023.

3.4 Promote Partnership Work
To involve community and stakeholder organisations as well as retail, transport, heritage, environmental and volunteer groups.

3.5 Ensure Effective Communication
To establish two-way effective communication with stakeholders plus establish joined up coherent communication strategies and messages with the widest reach.

3.6 Seek Funding and Investment Opportunities
To seek opportunities from funding bodies and investors to improve socio-economic development of the town.

 4. Membership

4.1 Membership will be deliberately limited in number to ensure efficiency in drafting a plan. However, the Working Group will seek wider stakeholder engagement through the wider focus group gathering their views and feeding back on progress to the FG.

4.2 Membership is based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Representatives from MTC and CEC;
  • Recognised expertise in the field of Town Centre regeneration and economic development;
  • A recognition that they hold a holistic and strategic view encompassing the town as a whole, including communities, businesses, environmental and other impacts;
  • Skills and experience to generate funding and investment;
  • Experience in developing relevant place based strategies and plans;
  • Able to demonstrate a broad understanding of issues relevant to a range of interests in the local community;
  • Significant knowledge of a sector of clear relevance to town centre recovery;
  • Ability and willingness to commit to meetings and complete research or other such work outside of the group;
  • Ability and willingness to share appropriate information and skills.

4.3 WG members will provide additional input on specific matters as required to execute the responsibilities set out in these Terms of Reference. This input will be through telephone calls, contribution to draft papers and reports, participation in smaller sub-committees (if set up) and other means as appropriate.

4.4 The WG may ask other stakeholders to attend meetings, where their area of expertise is appreciated.

4.5 There will be no renumeration offered to members of the WG.

5. Meetings

5.1   Meetings are to be held monthly via Zoom unless otherwise agreed. The papers will be sent electronically, at least five working days before the meeting.

5.2   A Chair/Co-Chairs will be discussed at the first meeting of the WG and agreed by the WG.

5.3   To be quorate, two thirds of members must be present, of which two must be from the private sector and a minimum of one member from each Council. Alternates will not be permitted without the prior agreement of the Chair.

5.4   The WG may invite appropriate organisations/individuals to give presentations on any matter relevant to the recovery of Macclesfield.

5.5   At every meeting the chair will confirm any decisions taken and actions agreed.

5.6   The WG will be supported by a secretariat from MTC. Minutes of the meeting will focus on actions rather than provide a record of all discussion points. The WG will make its governance documentation, meeting agendas and minutes, and any supporting documents considered in arriving at the Recovery Plan publicly available (e.g. through the website of CEC or MTC).

5.7   Members may be required to respect confidentiality of specific topics discussed at the meeting as requested by other members or until decisions are agreed and minutes are made public.

5.8   Members must declare pecuniary, personal or any other interest in a proposal or agenda item and will absent themselves for the duration of that discussion to avoid actual or perceived bias.

5.9   Matters will be considered by exception by correspondence if a matter is time critical.  In the event any member is uncontactable, matters may be determined by a majority, including the minimum parties set out at 5.3. In any such instances copies of emails confirming the position and any comments will be kept by the Secretariat.  The matter will then need to be formally ratified at the next Working Group meeting and minuted.

5.10 Individual group members will be responsible for reporting back on activities to the group and in turn this will be reported on to the wider focus group for comment and feedback.