Macclesfield Town Council Supports Local Services At Risk

Macclesfield Town Council Supports Local Services At Risk

Published on: Friday February 12, 2016

At a meeting of Macclesfield Town Council on 9th February the councillors heard from 4 local organisations involved in the delivery of services to the community of Macclesfield, The Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB), The Disability Information Bureau (DIB), Macclesfield Museums and Macclesfield Live At Home.

Pete Turner, Macclesfield’s Town Clerk, said of the meeting,

“we have been aware that due to some changes in funding and challenges for local service delivery organisations that some valuable services in Macclesfield were at risk. Representatives from the four groups worked hard to provide members with a great deal of information and answered some testing questions from the Councillors at the meeting and members worked late in to the night considering how the Town Council could best support the services whilst recognising the need to properly manage the resources of the council. By the end of the meeting, members were able to confirm funding support for each of the organisations.”

Macclesfield Town Council will be providing up to £20,000 in 2016/17 to support the service delivery of Macclesfield CAB and are using the council’s Community Grant Fund to support DIB, Macclesfield Museums and Macclesfield Live at Home with total funding package up to £32,456.

Mr Turner continued, “Macclesfield Town Council is committed to local service delivery and is working hard to find opportunities to ensure services are retained in the town whilst also identifying where efficiencies can be made.”

Macclesfield Town Council was formed after the elections in May 2015 is now working on the development of its strategies and service priorities. Macclesfield Town Council can be contacted by calling 01625 374142 and more information is available from their website,