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More Support for Community Groups

Working towards greater local service delivery.

Published on: Tuesday March 8, 2016

Macclesfield Town Council’s Community Grants scheme has this year pledged nearly £48,000 to local groups, activities and service delivering charities and has committed £65,000 to support the communities of Macclesfield in 2016/17.

Since its creation in May last year, Macclesfield Town Council Community Grants Scheme has supported more than 20 groups in the town to deliver events, facilities and support services, including the Barnaby Festival, Macclesfield Junior Football Club and Brookfield Lane Allotment Association.

Recently, Cheshire Street Wise (Pictured) were given a grant to help them to open a furniture recycling project on Gilchrist Avenue in Macclesfield, which has helped them to refurbish the premises and make alterations to enable them to provide this new service in the town.

Macclesfield Town Council is currently working with Cheshire East Council on the devolution and transfer of assets and services in the town, working towards greater local service delivery.

If you have any queries about the Community Grant Scheme call the town council on 01625 374142