Cllr Fiona Wilson

New central toilets for public use announced

Published on: Friday February 17, 2023

New toilet facilities to be available for use in Macclesfield town centre

New and improved toilet facilities will soon be available for shoppers to use in Macclesfield town centre following a collaboration between Macclesfield Town Council and Cheshire East Council.

The two councils are working together to upgrade the toilet facilities at Macclesfield indoor market, which are currently only available to traders, so that they can be made accessible to the public.

Works are currently expected to begin in early summer and will include making improvements to the existing toilets, as well as creating a unisex facility and a nappy changing facility.

Councillor Fiona Wilson, Mayor of Macclesfield, and Town Centre and Regeneration Champion, said “The Town Council has been listening to residents and local businesses and striving to provide toilets for public use in the town centre for many years. This has been largely hampered as the Town Council owns no land in the Town Centre.

“We are now very pleased to announce the Town Council have contributed £110,000 to this project and working closely with Cheshire East Council, have found a solution to provide toilets in the Indoor Market. These will be accessible to all and include baby changing facilities and a Changing Places fully accessible toilet.

“We are thrilled to have been able to be such an integral part of providing these facilities and bring fully accessible toilets to the town.

“We are doing all we can to support local businesses and encourage visitors to the Town Centre through the many free events we organise and are delighted that our long-term aim to provide toilets in the Town Centre has been realised.”

Councillor Nick Mannion, chair of Cheshire East Council’s economy and growth committee, said: “This is excellent news for shoppers. There is not a statutory duty to provide public toilets, but we understand that there have been calls for some time for improved toilets to be made available for public use in Macclesfield, and that these calls have been renewed since the closure of the town centre’s Marks and Spencer store.

“We have been keen to address this issue and by upgrading the toilet facilities currently available at the indoor market, the public will have access to toilets in a convenient and primary shopping area.  We hope it will make people’s overall shopping experience even more positive and support the town centre’s vitality.

“I would like to thank Macclesfield Town Council for its support and significant financial contribution, and for working collaboratively with us to bring this project forward, for the benefit of shoppers and visitors to the town centre.”

Once open, larger accessible toilets will also be available for those with disabilities, following a successful bid by Cheshire East Council to the government’s Changing Places Toilet Fund.

Changing Places Toilets (CPTs) include equipment such as hoists, changing benches and privacy screens. In addition to the new facilities that will be available at the indoor market, there are also accessible toilets at Shopmobility on Churchill Way.

Through funding from the Town Council, the toilets at St Michaels’s Church, next to the Town Hall, have also been made available between 10am and 12 noon, Monday to Wednesday, and between 10am and 3pm, Thursday to Saturday.

Cheshire East Council will consider whether the existing public toilets at Park Green should be declared surplus on the opening of the new facility and will publicise any plans regarding these with on-site notices.