Sub Station mural

Substation Mural

Although delayed by the pandemic, a fantastic mural commission on the substation in Churchill Way car park, proved a talking point throughout lockdown.

Macclesfield Town Council commissioned Becca Smith to camouflage a substation in a Macclesfield town centre car park with a mural.

The project started in February 2020, and was only meant to take a couple of months but was unfortunately put on hold by the pandemic, and instead spanned three lockdowns.

Becca was given a brief by the Town Council to work with local resident.  The idea was to create designs and images which would help disguise the substation, but which would also highlight the heritage of the local area.

The finished mural, which from one angle blends seamlessly into the streetscape, includes nods to the Macclesfield countryside, the town’s silk heritage and also features a hidden reference to a Joy Division album