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Published on: Tuesday June 27, 2017

We have been in existence for 2 years now and we are making progress identifying opportunities to add value to services in Macclesfield. Council met recently and approved a very ambitious and positive group of projects for delivery this year.

Already this year we have introduced some new events to the town’s calendar – St George’s Day Family & Community Event, Cycle Saturday, British Nerf Championships, Wellie Walk and the new Halloween Spooky Lantern Parade and town centre event.

We now also provide Street Sports for young people in three locations around the town (Upton Priory, Hurdsfield and South Park) every week. This is free to all those taking part and is led by experienced and qualified sports coaches. This forms a part of our activity agenda, which we have called MaccTivity. As well as the street sports, we are piloting the same sort of service for grown ups in Hurdsfield and will see if we can roll it out. We also have supported summer school places at a number of schools and the football club for this summer.

The aim of MaccTivity is to provide the facilities, services and information to make activity in Macclesfield  the easy and fun option. For example, we have created a suite of 5 suggested cycle routes around the town of varying degrees of difficulty from very easy and short to longer more challenging routes.

Future projects for the council include the delivery of town centre wifi, pocket parks to make walking in to the town centre a nicer experience, and decorative tree lights for the trees around the town.

If you have any ideas or would like to know more, please feel free to call in to the office or contact us.