Macclesfield Town Council - Summer Of Art

Summer of Arts

A marvelous spectacle for the whole town to enjoy.

Published on: Friday May 13, 2016

It’s a Barnaby year and the festival attractions will soon be here to be enjoyed.

All those involved in the Barnaby Festival should be congratulated on all the hard work they have put in to the arrangements, which will result in a marvelous spectacle for the whole town to enjoy as well as a calendar of attractions the envy of the North West.

More details are available here.

As well as this, Cllr Neil Puttick is leading an arts project at the Churchill Way underpass (Park Lane off Park Green). The Brick Project will see the underpass livened up with up to 3000 of the bricks being individually painted by the community over a 10 day period. The project starts on 23rd May and goes on until the 1st June. There will be resident artists on hand to help and there is even a template so you can practice (The Brick Project – Macclesfield Town Council Worksheet). More information is also available on the project website (here) and on the poster (The Brick Project Macclesfield)

Soon to come to Waters Green underpass is the Cheshire East (also supported by Macclesfield Town Council) regeneration improvement project, which features amoder lighting interpretation of the space, making the thoroughfare more attractive for all those that use it.

Macclesfield Town Council - Brick Project Poster