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Town Council Budget

A breakdown of the 2018/19 budget.

Budget 2018/19

Macclesfield Town Council’s emerging strategy for the town has already identified key areas of investment. These include the town centre economy, community grants, events and the public realm. Below is a diagram showing you how your money is spent. The annual budget for Macclesfield Town Council for 2018/19 is £729,793. This is gathered through the precept, which for this year is around £39.77 per household for the whole year (based on a council tax Band D property).

Information on the 2019/20 budget can be viewed HERE.

Annual Report 2015/16
Annual Report 2016/17
Annual Report 2017/18


2015/16 audit submission information can be viewed Audit Submission 2015 16 MTC & Audit Supporting info 2015 16 MTC
2016/17 audit submission information can be viewed Audit submission 2016 17
2017/18 audit submission information can be viewed. Annual Audit 2017/18 – Exercising Public Rights to Inspect AccountsSummary of rightsAudit Submission 2017 18

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