Asset Register

Asset Register – January 2021
Asset Code Description Category
CIV000001 Portrait Mayor John Staniforth Civic and Regalia
CIV000002 Portrait PJ Eaton Mayor Civic and Regalia
CIV000003 Portrait Abraham  Bury Civic and Regalia
CIV000004 Portrait TH Hambleton Mayor Civic and Regalia
CIV000005 Portrait John Birchenough Mayor  
CIV000006 3 oak ceremonial chairs  
CIV000007 Portrait James Kershaw Mayor  
CIV000008 Victorian brass double inkwell  
CIV000009 Portrait JG Frost Mayor  
CIV000010 Portrait William Pownall mayor  
CIV000011 Portrait Charles Brocklehurst  
CIV000012 Portrait dignitary  
CIV000013 Portrait dignitary with b of Macc decoration  
CIV000014 Cast Iron lion’s mask 1890  
CIV000015 Copy section of Bayeux tapestry  
CIV000016 Framed hand written extract from Macc Courier 1823  
CIV000017 Phot portrait mayor 1889-90  
CIV000018 Victorian tinted photo of civic dignitary  
CIV000019 Picture F Hill & MTC officials  
CIV000020 Framed Victorian phots Macc dignitaries etc  
CIV000021 Assorted engraved card plates  
CIV000022 32x framed and unframed photographs early 20C  
CIV000023 Eckernforde pewter wine jug and goblets 1961  
CIV000024 Macclesfield  Borough Charter & QEII seal  
CIV000025 Brass bell Macclesfield – Hasselholm Eckenforde Aug 1963  
CIV000026 George III brass dial Longcase Clock  
CIV000027 Victorian Oak & Brass musical clock  
CIV000028 Civic Wig  
CIV000029 Black Felt Top Hat  
CIV000030 Black top hat  
CIV000031 Mayoral robes  
CIV000032 Deputy Mayor’s Robes  
CIV000033 Town Clerk’s Robes  
CIV000034 Mayoral bicorn hats x 3  
CIV000035 Top Town Challenge Cup  
CIV000036 Best kept allotment trophy  
CIV00037 Borough of Macc Golf Cup  
CIV000038 Small trpophy  
CIV000039 Bowling challenge cup  
CIV000040 Macc Mayor charity dance festival silver tropgy  
CIV000041 George II silver loving cup London 1734 memory of William & Joseph Frost  
CIV000042 german plated lidded pedestal cup  
CIV000043 Pair george V silver suace boats  
CIV000044 Plated cocktail shaker  
CIV000045 Modernist EPNS presentation table canelabrum  
CIV000046 4x silver table salts  
CIV000047 Macc Hon Freeman silver gilt & enamelled casket  
CIV000048 Macc & Buxton Bor Coun Bowls Challenge Cup  
CIV000050 George Mellor Silver Cup  
CIV000051 Presentation ESPN serving tray 1912  
CIV000052 Pair George III silver sauceboats (donated GH Heath & Co Ltd)  
CIV000053 pair Victorian silver 5 branch candelarbra 1894  
CIV000054 B of Macc silver cigar box 1936  
CIV000055 Victorian silver cake basket  
CIV000056 Macclesfield Great Mace  
CIV000057 Silver presentation entree dish and cover  
CIV000058 Fruitbowl 1960  
CIV000059 Junior singing silver cup  
CIV000060 Mcc Closed Tennis Tournement Ladies Singles cup  
CIV000061 Macc closed tennis tournament silver plated cup  
CIV000062 The Commerdes Club (British Legion) commemorative cup  
CIV000063 Good revivalist silver slaver  
CIV000064 1610 silver mace James 1 mace  
CIV000065 Macc Corp silver presentation trowl  
CIV000066 B of Macc presentation silver trowel 1911  
CIV000067 Victorian silver card tray 1878  
CIV000068 Macc & Distr Closed Tennis tournament junior girls trophy  
CIV000069 Macc Town Hall presentation silver snuff box 1863  
CIV000070 Macc Bor silver paperknife  
CIV000071 Chesh Regiment presentation silver rose bowl 1960  
CIV000072 Victorian silver salver 1876  
CIV000073 Oval serving tray 1936  
CIV000074 Ronson silver plated table lighter  
CIV000075 Bruckmann silver plated german presentation coaster  
CIV000076 George IV silver tray 1825  
CIV000077 William Frost & Sons Ltd Inter Mill Silver Cup 1931  
CIV000078 Silver plated presentation tray  
CIV000079 Comrades Club silver 4 piece tea service 1969  
CIV000080 Harlequin silver 7 peice tea and coffee service  
CIV000081 6 George IV silver fiddle pattern teaspoons  
CIV000082 Silver plated presentation footed bowl from Macc NC USA  
CIV000083 Edwardian silver milk jug & sugar basin 1909  
CIV000084 George II silver coffee pot 1729  
CIV000085 Macc Closed tennis Tournament silverplated cup for junior girls  
CIV000087 Silver plated uninscribed pedestal cup  
CIV000088 Pair silver ashtrays 1960  
CIV000089 silver cigarette box 1952  
CIV000090 silver cigarette box 1959  
CIV000091 Pair silver candlesticks 1911  
CIV000092 Macc Mayor’s dance festival perpetual silver plated trophy  
CIV000093 Macc Advertiser silver challenge cup 1931  
CIV000094 Presentation silver spade 1902  
CIV000095 Presentation silver trowel 1911  
CIV000096 Silver presentation spade 1886  
CIV000097 Victorian silver and ivory presentation trowel 1868  
CIV000098 Silver presentation plaque presented to corp of Macc  
CIV000099 Silver presentation spade 1909  
CIV000100 Silver siphon stand 1951  
CIV000101 Mac & Dist Agricultural Soc Silver plated cp  
CIV000102 Presentation silver table counterpiece 1851  
CIV000103 Macc Borough gold & enamelled Mayoral chain and badge  
CIV000104 Enamelled & silver gilt Dep Mayor consort badge and sash  
CIV000105 Dep Mayor of Macc BC gilded badge  
CIV000106 Macc BC dep Mayor goilt badge  
CIV000107 Macc BC dep Mayor silver fob  
CIV000109 Macc free library diamond set key 1876  
CIV000111 Mayor’s Cadet Medal  
CIV000112 Ceremonial Hibbert Sword  
CIV000113 Dais  
CIV000114 Consort/Mayoress badge Civic and Regalia
CIV000115 Deputy Consort/Mayoress badge Civic and Regalia
CIV000116 Shelley china tea and coffee service Civic and Regalia
CIV000117 Wilmslow Urban District Council presentation silver salver 1936 Civic and Regalia
CIV000118 Department of the Environment award for good design, bronze medallion Civic and Regalia
CIV000119 Red agate and brass pill box Civic and Regalia
CIV000120 Butchers Association chain Civic and Regalia
CIV000121 coronation silver medal and dress miniature Civic and Regalia
CIV000122 Wilmslow soroptimist club chain and badge Civic and Regalia
CIV000123 China Tankards  
CIV000124 Travis Cup golf trophy  
CIV000125 Macclesfield Rural District Council Chairman’s silver and enamelled badge Civic and Regalia
CIV000126 Macclesfield Rural District Council Vice Chairman’s enamelled and silver gilt badge Civic and Regalia
CIV000127 Macclesfield Rural District Council silver gilt and enamelled medallion Civic and Regalia
CIV000128 Flight book WW11  
FAC00001 Weston Community Centre  
FAC00002 Allotments – Park Grove  
FAC00003 Allotments – Birtles Road  
FAC00004 Allotments – Stamford Road  
FAC00005 Allotments – Springfield Road  
FAC00006 Allotments – Laburnum road  
FURN000002 5x officer chairs  
FURN000003 Meeting table and 6 chairs  
FURN000004 2x file cupboards  
FURN000005 Catering cabinet  
FURN000006 Crockery glasses kettle and anciliries  
IT000001 Lenovo PC  
IT000002 Lenovo PC  
IT000003 Lenovo PC  
IT000004 Toshiba Laptop  
IT000005 Toshiba Laptop  
IT000006 Epson Light Projector  
IT000007 Samsung Printer  
IT000008 Cannon Printer  
IT000009 Philips digital dictaphone  
IT000010 Acer Desk top computer  
IT000011 Lenovo Think Centre E73 PC  
IT000012 HP Elitedesk 700SSF 8GB RAM 1TB HDD IT
IT000015 Lenovo Laptop V145-15AST IT
IT000016 Lenovo Laptop V145-15AST IT
IT000017 Lenovo Laptop V145-15AST IT
RES0001 Peavey PA and peripherals  
RES0002 Barrier planters x 22  
RES0003 20 x Barrier Planters  
RES0004 20 x Post Planters  
RES0005 12 x 3 tier planters  
RES0006 Tools incl dewalt power tools  
RES0007 heavy duty office equipment incl laminator staplers etc  
RES0008 Generator  
RES0009 Branded Gazebos x 2 plus weights  
RES0010 Town Entry Signs  
RES0011 Tree Lights  
RES0012 10 x Flower Tower 3 Tier Black  
RES0013 12 x Self Watering Barrier Basket  
RES0014 Elephant Wifi/Proximity Futures  
RES0015 2 x Recycling Bins  
RES0016 2 x 6mm catenary cables inc clamps and tensioners  
RES0017 7 x Sangamo timers plus weatherproof enclosure and integral RCD  
RES0018 136 x anchor bolt fixings plus test and certificate  
RES0019 12 x light set 2 x cable 2 x 100w transformer  
RES0020 Strand large globe light 150Dw transformer 24v  
RES0021 18 x 24v LED minibulbs various colours plus 1 x 150w DC transformer 24v  
RES0022 25 x 150cm artificial trees and 25 x minibulbs  
RES0023 4 x Access Ramps  
RES0024 5 x Dog bag dispensers  
RES0025 Table 4ft x 2ft  
RES0026 2 x Liners for 1290mm Barrier Basket  
RES0027 4 x Benches plus fixing bolts  
RES0029 Conference PA System  
RES0030 Public Realm Decorative Lighting Public Realm
RES0031 12 x litter bins Public Realm
RES0032 Train Station Welcome Art Public Realm
RES0035 Defib locked box store x 2 Public Realm
RES0036 Glasdon invicta bins x 2 Public Realm
RES0037 3 TIER PLANTER Public Realm
RES0038 9 x 90mm barrier planters Public Realm