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1. Introduction

1.1 The Council recognises its operations impact on the environment in a number of ways and is committed to identifying, monitoring and reducing such impacts associated with its operations.

1.2 In addition, its duties enable it to protect and at times enhance the local environment both directly and by influencing others. The Council will make best use of its position and powers to do this.

1.3 This Policy will support the aims of the Council’s Corporate Strategy and be linked to other Council policies including Quality, Equality, Community and Social, and Procurement, which will ensure environmental considerations are central to the ethos of the organisation.

1.4 The Town Council will:

  • Embrace the concept of sustainability and acknowledge the need to reconcile environmental, social and economic demands.
  • Undertake periodic audits to ensure up to date assessments of environmental impacts are maintained and the progress of action plans are monitored. It will regularly measure the Organisation’s carbon footprint and take the necessary actions to reduce it. It will appoint a lead councillor for implementation of the Environmental Policy and will ensure that Councillors and employees receive training to enable them to understand and control the environmental effects of their work.
  • Comply with all relevant legislation and where possible set standards which are more stringent.
  • Require where appropriate its suppliers to provide environmental assessments of their environmental impacts and life cycle analysis of major products.
  • Have regard for both the natural and built environments and will strive to protect and where possible enhance them.
  • Manage energy with a view to minimising its consumption.
  • Ensure its operations minimise pollution of land, water and air.
  • Seek to minimise waste, re-use or recycle where possible and ensure disposal has the minimum environmental impact.
  • The Town Council is committed to responsible energy management and will promote energy efficiency throughout its operation.

2. Environmental Policy Statements

2.1 Energy and Water Management

The Town Council will encourage staff to:

  • Ensure that electrical equipment and unnecessary lights are switched off when not in use,
  • Close windows and external doors when heating is on,
  • Minimise the use of electric heaters,
  • Use water efficiently on Council premises,
  • Minimise vehicle miles driven on council business.

Allotment holders will be encouraged to use water efficiently and where possible utilise water butts fed by down pipes as a non-drinking water source,

2.2 Recycling and Conservation

The Town Council will:

  • Encourage the recycling of wastepaper and cardboard at all operations and where possible plastics and glass,
  • Promote and encourage recycling across the Town,
  • Use recycled paper products where feasible, including folders, business cards, printer papers, toilet rolls and envelopes,
  • Minimise the amount of printing and minimise the amount of waste paper,
  • Observe its duty of care conscientiously with all its waste contracts,
  • Utilise electronic communications wherever possible,
  • Minimise pollution and prevent where possible,
  • Use composting facilities at relevant operated amenities e.g. allotments.

2.3 Biodiversity and Green Spaces

The Town Council will:

  • Seek to protect and where possible enhance the quality of Macclesfield’s natural environment and open spaces,
  • Support the conservation of trees, hedgerows, ponds and streams,
  • Consider the conservation and promotion of local biodiversity in all its activities but particularly with regard to the management of its land,
  • Seek to manage its green spaces in a manner that promotes and protects biodiversity.

2.4 Awareness, Lobbying and Partnerships

The Town Council will:

  • In all relevant communications promote awareness of, and information on environmental issues within the community,
  • Where appropriate, act as a voice for the local environmental concerns to those agencies given the statutory powers to tackle problems,
  • Ensure that all individuals involved in the organisation are aware of their responsibilities in implementing this environmental policy,
  • Where appropriate work with its partners to minimise the effects of noise and light pollution on the Town,

2.5 Sustainable Procurement

The Town Council will:

  • Seek to minimise environmental damage caused through the transportation of goods by sourcing materials and services locally so long as the requirements for value for money and quality are met,
  • Ensure that the use of pesticides/herbicides are minimised in its land management and horticultural activities.
  • Where possible buys locally

2.6 Sustainable Travel

The Town Council will:

  • Encourage members and officers to car-share where possible when a car journey must be made on Council business,
  • Promote, and support the use of cycling, public footpaths and public transport.