Chapter 7 – Advice & Information

Chapter 7 – Advice & Information

Health and Safety Advice

It is important that we can obtain advice, guidance and information regarding safety; a firm understanding of our duties and responsibilities will help us act accordingly and fulfil any statutory requirements we need to comply with.

Wirehouse Employer Services Limited

Wirehouse Employer Services Limited provides us with competent health and safety advice and support. They are our nominated health and safety service provider. They are not responsible for the day to day management of health and safety within our business, employees have been nominated and duties assigned to ensure we meet any statutory requirements imposed on us.

Services available to authorised employees include the following:

  • Wirehouse Employer Services online – Employees with authorisation and access can logon to the Wirehouse webpages. Information available includes documentation and guidance on key safety issues such as risk assessment. In addition we can also gain access to an electronic copy of our safety policy.
  • 24 Hour Advice Line – We have arranged for 24 hour support using the Wirehouse Employer Services Health & Safety Advice Line. A safety consultant will handle your call and respond to your query.

Please note this service is restricted to authorised employees only.

Health and Safety Executive

Health and safety advice, information and guidance are available from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). A variety of safety regulations are available and can be downloaded from the HSE web site.

Internet access:

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