Mayor’s Allowance Scheme

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April 2020



Adopted at Full Council 15.6.20 Agenda item 10.11



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1 Introduction

1.1 Each May, the Town Council elects the Mayor for the ensuing year. The role will entail representing the town at various events, both locally and within Cheshire East. As a result, it is a likely that there will be increased expenditure and to defray these extra costs a Mayoral allowance is allocated. The amount will be reviewed annually as part of the Council budget procedure.

1.2 The Mayor’s allowance is covered by the Local Government Act 1972, section 15(5), providing for town and parish councils to pay its mayor ‘for the purpose of enabling him to meet the expenses of his office such allowance as the council think reasonable’.

2 Payment of allowance

2.1 The allowance is subject to the usual tax and national insurance deductions. The payment of the Mayor’s allowance will be made in two instalments through the payroll system ensuring that any deductions and contributions due to HMRC are collected through PAYE.

3 Purpose and amount of allowance

3.1 The purpose of the allowance is to recompense for the following type of costs:

  • New clothing for civic events
  • Donations to charities including raffle tickets
  • Tickets to functions
  • Thank you gifts, such as flowers or small tokens of appreciation
  • Contribution towards additional costs associated with use of a personal phone and vehicle

3.2 Mayor: £2500

3.3 Deputy Mayor: £500

3.4 There is no requirement for strict accounting for the expenditure, but a general report on activity may be requested by Council.

4 Civic Budget

4.1 In addition to the Mayor’s Allowance, a Civic Budget is agreed annually. This will be used to meet costs such as:

  • Mayor’s Civic Service
  • Mayor’s Thanksgiving Service
  • Hospitality for guests received by the Mayor
  • Stationery and postage for Mayoral correspondence
  • Mayor’s Christmas Cards