Mayor’s Cadet Policy

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1. Introduction


1.1      The term cadet is often used to refer to those training in the military or emergency services but any uniformed young person that is a member of a club/ group will be considered as the Mayors Cadet.

1.2     The formal duties of the Mayor’s Cadet is to attend to the Mayor as and when appropriate in his/her civic duties.

1.3     This document should be read in conjunction with the Cadet’s Guidance Notes.

1.4     Any member of Macclesfield Town Council staff who are likely to interact with the Cadet will be DBS checked. This will include but not be limited to:

  • The Mayor,
  • The Deputy Mayor,
  • The Town Clerk,
  • The Civic Officer

1.5     Any member of Macclesfield Town Council staff who are likely to interact with the Cadet must read and abide by the Council’s Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy. This will include but not be limited to:

  • The Mayor,
  • The Deputy Mayor,
  • The Town Clerk,
  • The Civic Officer

2. Requirements of the Cadet

2.1       The Cadet’s role is high profile and he/she will potentially interact with Civic Heads during the course of their term. As such, the candidate will need excellent interpersonal skills.

2.2       The Cadet will be over the age of 15 and under the age of 18 on the 1st of May in the year they take up the appointment. The Cadet will continue their service for the length of the Mayor’s term, which is a year commencing on the day of the Mayor Making Ceremony.

2.3       The Cadet is expected to:

  • Be clean and smart at all times,
  • Keep confidential any matters learned as a result of the exercise of the office,
  • Inform the Civic Officer when they are unable to attend any function.

2.4       The Cadet will be available to hold their appointment from the date of the Mayor Making at the Annual Council Meeting until the Annual Council Meeting of the following year.

2.5       The outgoing Cadet should, where possible, brief the incoming Cadet on his/her expected duties. It is the responsibility of the Headquarters of the incoming Cadet to arrange this process through the Headquarters of the outgoing Cadet.

2.6       It is the responsibility of the “Parent” Cadet Force to liaise with the Mayor’s Office to determine the duties for which the cadet will be required. Guidance Notes on the role of the Cadet have been written and should be given to the newly appointed Cadet. This document is not exhaustive and may be adjusted as required by the Mayor or Mayor’s Office.

3. The Cadet’s Year


3.1       The Civic Officer will get in touch with the organisations that would like to be included to nominate a suitable young person to become the Mayor’s cadet.

3.2       Once all potential Cadet nominations have been received, the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Town Clerk will review them. The Deputy Mayor/incoming Mayor will make the final decision.


3.3       The Cadet will be officially appointed at the Mayor Making Ceremony during the Macclesfield Town Council’s Annual General Meeting by the incoming Mayor.  The appointment of the Cadet is shown as an item on the agenda. 

3.4       The previous year’s Cadet will be thanked by the outgoing Mayor for their service and presented with a certificate and a badge.


3.5       Following the successful appointment, the parent/guardian will need to complete a consent form, granting permission for the following:

  • For their son/daughter to serve as the Mayor of Macclesfield’s Cadet for one year,
  • For their son/daughter to accompany the Mayor of Macclesfield at Civic engagements, within and outside the town of Macclesfield,
  • For their son/daughter to join Civic processions within and outside the town of Macclesfield,
  • For Macclesfield Town Council to take photographs and / or video of their son/daughter whilst in post of Cadet,
  • For Macclesfield Town Council full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for publicity. This might include (but is not limited to), the right to use them printed and online, social media, and press releases.


3.6       The incoming Cadet is presented with a Badge of Office which must be worn on all Civic occasions.


3.7       The duties of the Cadet include accompanying the Mayor to his/her engagements as and when requested, and carrying the Mayor’s wreath on civic occasions within the Town.

3.8       The Cadet will be invited to attend civic engagements within the Town that are hosted by Mayor.  The Mayor can specifically invite the Cadet to his/her charity events if they so wish.

Annual civic events that the Cadet will be expected to attend are:

  • Mayor Making,
  • Civic Service,
  • Remembrance Service,
  • Thanksgiving Service,
  • Mayor’s at Home,
  • Wreath laying ceremonies.

The Cadet may be invited to attend the following events:

  • Macclesfield Christmas Lights Switch On,
  • Civic Services held by other Town Mayors within the locality.

At the appointment of the Cadet, the Mayor and Cadet will discuss the role to set expectations.

In parades, the Cadet will process after Mayor but before Councillors.

Parents/guardians will be responsible for transportation of the Cadet to and from Civic events.