Mayor’s Civic Award Policy

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1. Background

1.1 In Macclesfield there are many individuals who volunteer their time and expertise for the good of the community, or add social, cultural, economic or environmental value to Macclesfield.

1.2 The Mayor of Macclesfield’s Civic Awards recognises and celebrates people who have volunteered their time and energy to help others or benefit the town. The awards will be presented to the most deserving individuals.

2. Award Categories

2.1 These categories and allotted award numbers are for guidance only and may be subject to change by the panel during the judging process.

  1. Community Involvement Civic Award: recognises individuals, or community voluntary groups, who have made a positive contribution to the town. This could range from organising community events, improving facilities for a neighbourhood, supporting a charity in their own time or helping an individual. Maximum of 3 awards.
  2. Youth Civic Award: recognises a young person or group of young people aged 18 or under, who have made a positive contribution to their local community. Nominations would be for exceptional young people who have helped others or shown outstanding commitment in improving their community. Maximum of 1 award.
  3. Sporting and Leisure Civic Award: recognises a group or individual’s sporting/leisure achievement for Macclesfield be it playing, organising or contributing to local sporting development. This award may be presented to a individual or group who have represented Macclesfield at local, national or international level. Maximum of 1 award.
  4. Art and Culture Civic Award: recognises an individual’s work in a voluntary or professional level who has made a significant or outstanding contribution to the arts and culture in Macclesfield. This could be drama, dance, music, arts and crafts, photography or the delivery of an event. Maximum of 1 award.
  5. Environment Civic Award: recognises an individual or group who has made a significant difference to the conservation or protection of an area within the town. It could be a recycling champion or someone involved in an environmental project. Maximum of 1 award.
  6. Independent Business Civic Award: recognises an independent business in Macclesfield whose presence has had a positive impact on the local community. It could be a business that has created local jobs or invested in Macclesfield. Maximum of 1 award.
  7. Ambassador of Macclesfield Civic Award: recognises an individual or group who represents Macclesfield in a positive light outside of the area (locally, nationally or internationally). Maximum of 1 award.
  8. The Pride of Macclesfield Civic Award: recognises a member of the community or a group who have gone above and beyond to improve their local neighbourhood or area. Maximum of 1 award.
  9. Lifetime Achievement Civic Award: recognises an individual’s continued commitment to the community over an extended period of time, ideally over fifteen years.  Maximum of 1 award.
  10. Mayor’s Civic Award: recognises an individual of the Mayor’s choosing who has gone above and beyond be it in service years, volunteering at multiple groups or a key fundraiser. Maximum of 1 award.

3. Methodology

3.1 Individuals who meet the criteria may be nominated by any two residents (except themselves or close relatives) by completing the Civic Award Nomination Form.

3.2 The Mayor’s Office will validate the details and prepare a briefing paper for the Review Panel.

3.3 A Review Panel comprising of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Past Mayor, will judge all entries and make recommendations for winners in each category.

3.4 These recommendations may be ratified in a Full Council Meeting.

3.5 Individuals would then be notified of the award and invited (with a guest) to attend the Mayor’s Thanksgiving or Mayor’s at Home during which a simple award ceremony would allow the individual or group to be formally recognised. There would also be publicity for themselves, their deeds and the group to which they belong.

3.6 The Mayor would present each recipient with a Certificate and appropriate award such as lapel badge.

4. Criteria

  • The contribution is solely to the benefit of the Macclesfield community,
  • With the exception of the Lifetime Achievement Award, the nominee must still be involved in the activity for which they are nominated.

5. Instructions

  • All nominations must be submitted using the Civic Award Nomination Form,
  • No self nominations or nominations from relatives,
  • The nominee must have made significant and sustained contribution to the Macclesfield community.

6. Roles

Mayor’s Office

  • Prepare advertisements for the scheme detailing the purpose, criteria, eligibility, contact details and key dates,
  • Promote the Civic Awards via media coverage and handle enquiries pertaining to the Civic Awards,
  • Receive and collate all nominations,
  • Check all nominations meet the eligibility criteria,
  • Produce a report summarising all the eligible nominations for the Review Panel,
  • Following the review process, contact all the proposers to notify them of the result; whether their nominee was rejected or accepted to receive an award,
  • Following the review process, contact the award winners to invite them and a guest to the Civic Award Ceremony,
  • Following the review process, invite the proposers (and guest) of winning nominees to the Civic Award Ceremony,
  • Collaborate with the Mayor to create certificates for the winners,
  • Collaborate with the Mayor to plan a suitable accolade for the winners,
  • Annually, agree a budget for the Civic Award Scheme.


  • Champion the Civic Award Scheme,
  • Should there be a tied vote in the review process, make the final decision on winners,
  • Make a presentation to each winning nominee at the Civic Award Ceremony.


  • Support the Civic Award Scheme.