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April 2020



New document.  Adopted at Full Council 15.6.20 Agenda item 10.9



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1 Introduction

1.1 Decisions published in the Decision book have been made under delegated powers by the Town Clerk, in consultation either with the relevant Councillors, or Committee.

1.2 Decisions made by Council and Committee are recorded in the minutes of meetings and can be found on the Council website.

2 Delegation of decisions – scheme of delegation for emergency arrangements.

2.1 On 23rd March 2020, the English Government announced strict ‘lockdown’ measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

2.2 On 24th March 2020 the Town Clerk stated that all scheduled meetings of the Council were cancelled until further notice. This included the cancellation of an Extraordinary Meeting scheduled for 26th March 2020 with a single agenda item: Scheme of delegation in absence of formal meetings due to exceptional circumstances.

2.3 The information below documents the scheme of delegation for emergency arrangements that was approved by electronic communication (email) by all Members of Macclesfield Town Council.

Date: 24th March 2020

Proposed Scheme of delegation for emergency arrangements.

All scheduled meetings are now cancelled until they can be reinstated and confirmed.

To enable ongoing payment commitments to supplier’s services we must put in place emergency delegation as was to be extraordinary meeting that was scheduled for Thursday (now cancelled). The terms of this are:

  1. In the event that it is not possible to convene a meeting of the council in a reasonable time, or if it becomes impossible because of government directives, the clerk shall have delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of the council where such decision cannot reasonably be deferred and must be made in order to comply with a commercial or statutory deadline. The clerk will consult with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and, where appropriate, chair of the relevant committee, prior to making decisions not normally delegated to the Clerk. Confirmation in writing (including email) of unanimous consensus of the mayor, deputy mayor and chair of committee as appropriate and clerk will be recorded. Any decisions made under this delegation must be recorded in writing and must be published in accordance with the relevant regulations. The Full Council should also be informed of such decisions by email. This delegated authority ceases upon the first meeting of the council after this delegation is put in place.
  2. The delegation will include any changes required to this policy in response to the rapidly evolving situation and the implementation of any directives received from NALC in relation to legislative requirements.
  3. Any decisions to be made under this delegation will be drafted and shared with all members by email for comments and suggested amendments/additions prior to the decision being confirmed.

Decision: All Members approved by return email to the Town Clerk the Proposed Scheme of delegation for emergency arrangements. The decision to be ratified at the next Full Council.

3 Decisions

3.1 Finance Committee 

Date: 30th March 2020

Decisions relating to Donations to support local charities affected by coronavirus or those involved in the response.

  1. That £2000 is donated to the following groups:
    • East Cheshire Hospice
    • Cre8 Macclesfield
    • Streetwise
    • Green in the Corner
    • Hope Centre
    • CORE (Broken Cross)
    • Calvary Church (Weston)
  2. That the grants are recorded as awarded to third sector groups addressing or directly affected by the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis. 
  3. That the groups provide a written confirmation that they will accept the grants.
  4. That the funds are drawn from the 2019/20 grants budget, which is currently under-spent. 

Decision: Approved by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chair and Deputy Chair of Finance Committee and the Town Clerk.

3.2 Services Committee

Date: 1st April 2020

Decisions relating to the cancelled Services Committee 23/3/20

  1. Community engagement – Additional £200 to be paid to the Churchill Way Sub-station mural. Payment of half the budget (now £600) in light of the delays of Coronavirus and impact on artist’s cashflow having expended on paints and supplies for the project. 
  2. Events – Events cancelled up to end of May. Further ones may be cancelled subject to Covid-19. Cancellation of events to the end of June to be decided by Clerk in consultation with Community Engagement Officer. Macc Pow has been cancelled. Request from event organiser to fund lost expenditure to date of £500 to be approved. 
  3. Christmas Lights – No decisions required 
  4. Floral displays – additional planters at the train station to value of £2,382.33 capital and £2,585.20 annually, within budget and to be approved as within Britain in Bloom going for gold strategy. Additional planters at Tytherington requested by ward member to be deferred to next meeting of the committee & all wards invited to make suggestions
  5. Public Toilets – enter agreement to secure permission to occupy subsoil at location for new toilets at Exchange Place. Planning permission in place. Cost is £5,000 to be approved as agreement can be drawn up during restricted working in preparation for delivery following current restrictions. 
  6. See Macclesfield – no action required although thoughts on progressing should be ready for next committee meeting to ensure project progresses effectively. 
  7. Allotments – Birtles Rd – no decisions, currently helping site with drainage issues and seeking consideration for transfer of adjoining land to provide for additional plots; Moss Lane – no decisions, currently replacing rotten entry gate post; Laburnum Rd (Byrons Lane) – no decisions, have supported with site clearance and advice; Park Grove – no decisions, although will require plot holder engagement to bring back in to proper use as well as expensive clearance of disused plots, adjoining property using part as additional garden space (they have been engaged initially and interested in formally adopting a plot); Springfield Rd – no decision, although further engagement to assist in sustainable management is required; Knowsley Rd – theoretically progressing towards self-management. Will require a decision as to how long to allow this process and if not successful to seek engagement with Moss Lane Allotment Society to see if they are still willing to merge sites; South Park Allotments – no decision – currently in process of transfer to MTC from Peaks & Plains; Brookfield Lane – no decision – subject to confirmation that boundary dispute is resolved, this site can now transfer to MTC from CEC. 
  8. Street Sports – currently suspended. Provider seeking consideration for interim funding as unclear as to cash flow and paying staff. Consideration is that when seeking a provider we were unable to find any other provider so maintaining a positive and supportive relationship is clearly advantageous, although government funding is in place for workers and businesses (theoretically). Should the business cease trading the funds will be lost. If we do not fund, the service may be lost altogether. Funding for April Provision (£600) approved subject to onward plan from provider (Peak Active Sport)
  9. Police drug intervention – Decision required – £2,500 for equipment and training – to be approved as appropriate and within 2019/20 budget. 
  10. South Park Pavilion – no decision required – awaiting CEC Heads of Terms 
  11. Future Forest – Decision required – the land agent proposal to be accepted at £2825 to £3550 This will approve the land agent to seek available land within the town boundary aiming to progress the Future Forest Project. 
  12. Notice boards – no decision required, but members feel free to chase CE Highways senior management. 
  13. Public Information engine idling – decision – to go ahead. CEC highways have been asked 3 times, with final email stating if no response received assumed consent to proceed to install on street lighting (lamp posts). 
  14. Silk Heritage – no decision required, although further member engagement with the providers of the monument is advised. Meeting to be arranged following restrictions. 
  15. Cycle Macclesfield – as with engine idling above – decision – to go ahead as no objection (or any response) received from CE Highways. 
  16. LIT – no decision required, although as event this may be a time sensitive decision and will be reviewed as the current restrictions develop 

Decision: Approved by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Deputy Chair of Services Committee and the Town Clerk.

3.3 Personnel Committee

Date: 1st April 2020

Decisions relating to the cancelled Personnel Committee 23/3/20

(Decisions relating to individual officer’s pay and conditions are confidential).

  1. Appraisals – noted and recorded as such at the next Personnel Committee.
  2. Structure Review – as directed by Council, Personnel Committee to progress and return to council with recommendations 
    1. Civic & Admin post review – to be progressed by Chair and Clerk in consultation with post holder. Final draft JD and grading to be advised to Council for approval. 
    2. Structure Review – To be progressed by Chair and Clerk, in consultation with current post holders. Final draft, including JDs and grading to be advised to council for approval. 
  3. H&S Policy – updated draft from Wirehouse shared with Chair of Personnel. Final draft to be shared with council for approval at the next available meeting, subject to COVID-19 changes and implications under emergency delegation. 

Decision: Approved by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Chair of Personnel Committee and the Town Clerk.