Procurement Policy

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1. Procurement Policy

1.1 The Council will strive to attain best value for all goods, materials and services which it purchases. “Best Value” will be defined as a balance of price, quality of product and supplier services. 

1.2 The Council will operate a transparent procurement process in accordance with its Financial Regulations, Standing Orders and Standing Orders for Contracts. 

  • The Council will purchase locally wherever possible and where best value can be satisfied.
  • In evaluating “best value”, the past record of the supplier will be taken into account. 
  • For goods, materials or services over £25,000, an evaluation model encompassing both price and quality, will be developed in advance, against which best value can be judged. A simpler scoring matrix should be used for all purchases or contracts above £3000 for which quotations are required. 
  • For other than small value purchases, the environmental and social credentials of the supplier will be requested, in accordance with the Council’s Environmental Policy and Community and Social Policy. 
  • The Council will purchase Fair Trade goods where possible.
  • The Council will purchase re-cycled goods or less environmentally damaging materials where they meet the required functional standard.