Ward Budget Policy

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Reviewed at MTC Full Council 29.03.21

Agenda item 10.9



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1. Introduction

Macclesfield Town Council sets aside a grant fund for each ward in Macclesfield, so Councillors  have more control of the money that it currently spends within its communities. It is of the understanding that ward Councillors are much more familiar with the issues and needs of residents living in their wards.

The amount given would be up to £2000 per ward per year. Where there are 2 Councillors on a ward, they both have to agree the proposed expenditure. There will be a maximum amount for each application of £500.

2. What can the funding be used for?

We do not expect every grant for projects on wards to come from this budget, where groups are eligible for our other grant programmes, we would encourage them to apply in the usual way.

This budget is designed for Councillors to be able to support residents on their wards in the following ways:

  • Bins / benches – capital equipment.
  • Support projects or events on the ward being held by other groups.
  • Plants and public realm improvements / community gardens.

3. How to apply

The application process is simple and straightforward. Councillors will be responsible for filling in the applications and submitting them to the Clerk. The application form can be found in Appendix 1 and on the MTC website.

4. Decision Making Process

For a grant to be successful it will need agreement from both ward Councillors (if applicable) and an agreement at the next Finance Committee.

5. Monitoring and Evaluation

  • A summation of the project outcomes.
  • A photograph (s) if appropriate.
  • Appropriate publicity for MTC e.g. Social Media, local paper etc.
  • Using hashtag #MacclesfieldCommunities
  • Quotes for people who have benefited from the project.

6. Important Considerations

  • GDPR – you will need consent to publicise from individuals and small groups.
  • Safeguarding for projects that involve children.
  • The Ward Councillor applying will be responsible for updating on the project.
  • The application will be shared with CVSCE, as part of a data sharing agreement.

Appendix 1: Macclesfield Town Council Ward Budget Application Form

Name of Ward:

Tell us about the project:

How will residents help the project?

What difference do you hope this project will make?

How much will it cost?

Name of Ward Councillor:



Name of Ward Councillor: