Community Governance Review – Update 27th April 22

Community Governance Review – Update 27th April 22

Published on: Monday November 1, 2021

27th April Macclesfield Town Council are pleased to inform that Cheshire East Council approved no boundary changes or increase in number of Councillors for Macclesfield.

Macclesfield Town Council opposed the initial recommendations during the public consultation last year, as the current arrangements were based on an extensive public consultation which took place in 2013 and 2014. No-one called for a Town Council the size of which was originally proposed in this current consultation. Hence the Town Council was set up with 12 Councillors and boundaries generally reflecting the Borough Council boundaries.

The results of the pre-consultation and the consultation on the draft recommendations and it is clear that these have both reflected the views of residents when Macclesfield Town Council was first established. Respondents clearly indicated that the current governance system works well and the opposition to the proposed increase in seats was the most frequent reason for disagreeing with the revised proposals.

This very much reflected the view of Macclesfield Town Council and our Councillors who have also had direct feedback from residents.

Macclesfield Town Council works very effectively, meetings are well attended and engagement with the Council and individual Councillors is high.

One of the Town Councils additional concerns was that a doubling in the size of the Council would lead to an increase in costs on both staffing and administration.

We are very proud to have been able to deliver significant improvements; in the public realm by increasing our Town Ranger service; with improved parks and play areas; with Covid safe events and projects; with our grants and donations to local groups and charities to name just a few. We also provide funding for services previously supported by the Borough Council such as Citizens Advice, the Visitor Information Centre and CCTV provision.

In addition, we have worked with Cheshire East colleagues and other stakeholders on our Town Centre Recovery Plan which has delivered much need support to businesses and residents both during the Covid pandemic and our slow recovery.

We have delivered all this and more at a precept which is lower than a number of similar sized Town Councils and kept the increase down to less than a total of £1 per week per household over the last three years.

Cllr Fiona Wilson, attended the Community Governance Review Sub-Committee on 4th April 2022 and the Community Governance Review on Thursday, 14 April 2022, to speak on behalf of the Town council to deliver the views of the Town council

Nov 2021

Cheshire East Council are conducting a review of town and parish council governance arrangements across the Cheshire East Borough including:
• Town and parish boundaries
• Numbers of town and parish councillors; and
• Arrangements for wards and the meetings of groups of parish councils.

This includes changes for Macclesfield and surrounding parishes.

The proposal is to increase the boundaries of Macclesfield and increase the number of councillors.

It is important all residents have their say the proposals.

Draft proposals can be found using the following link: Draft Proposals – Final Publication.

The survey can be found using this link Cheshire East Community Governance Review – Part Two .

You have until November 28th to complete the survey.

Macclesfield Town Council discussed this review at the council meeting on 20th September 2021. The minutes  and Macclesfield Town Council response can be found under agenda item 13 : Full Council Meeting 20th September 2021