Macclesfield Character Area Assessment

Macclesfield Character Area Assessment

Community Engagement

Macclesfield Town Council is currently preparing a Character Assessment. This will describe what is distinctive about Macclesfield and be used to inform the Town Council of the potential impact of new development.

It is really important that we ask local people what they think makes Macclesfield special and unique so that this can be understood and celebrated. This could be an interesting fact about local people and places, a small piece of history about your local area or a particular view you enjoy.

Please help us by providing your thoughts on the below or by printing Macclesfield Character Assessment Community Engagement.

  1. What do you think is special about Macclesfield?
  2. What in your local area is distinctive (e.g. interesting local history, buildings/features)?
  3. How would you like to see Macclesfield look in 20 years’ time?


It would be really useful if we knew whereabouts in Macclesfield you live (or work). If you would like to, please provide the first 4 digits of your postcode with your answers.

If you have photographs to illustrate your answers it would be great if you could send us those too!

Please note your answers may be used to help prepare the Character Assessment and may be quoted. Any responses used in the production of the document will be anonymised.


Comments to be returned by 17th December 2021 to, delivered to the Old Town Hall or by post to:
Community Engagement Survey
Macclesfield Town Council
Town Hall, Market Place
Macclesfield SK10 1EA

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