Annual General Meeting

Mon 16th May 2022, 7:00pm

Manage the strategic delivery of all of the council’s activities.

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Mon 16th May 2022, 7:00pm

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Macclesfield Town Council Annual Council Meeting

Macclesfield Town Council Notice of Meeting


9th May 2022


To Councillors Sarah Bennett-Wake, David Edwardes, Alift Harewood-Jones, Mike Hutchison, Janet Jackson, Sandy Livingstone, Neil Puttick, Lloyd Roberts, Ruth Thompson, Mick Warren, Chris Wilcock and Fiona Wilson.


You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of

Macclesfield Town Council’s Annual Council meeting to be held at

Macclesfield Town Hall


16th May 2022

commencing at 7pm,

for the purpose of transacting the business shown on the attached agenda.


With thanks,


Town Clerk Signature

Laura Smith

Town Clerk



Agenda for the Annual General Meeting and Mayor Making to be held on Monday 16th May 2022 at 7pm at Macclesfield Town Hall.


This meeting is open to the public, but space may be limited. Should you wish to attend please inform the Town Clerk.

Anyone attending this meeting is advised to wear a face covering upon entering and leaving the venue. It is advised that this only be removed when speaking at the meeting.

Anyone attending is asked to undertake a lateral flow test on the day of any meeting before embarking upon the journey to the venue. Please note that it can take up to 30 minutes for the true result to show on a lateral flow test. If your test shows a positive result, then you must not attend the meeting.


1.    Election of the Mayor of Macclesfield for 2022/23


2.    Election of the Deputy Mayor of Macclesfield for 2022/23



The retiring mayor will adjourn the meeting whilst the newly elected Mayor and Deputy Mayor receive their insignia of office.

The Town Clerk will call upon the Mayor of Macclesfield to read and sign their declaration accepting the office of Mayor of Macclesfield.

The Town Clerk will call upon the Deputy Mayor of Macclesfield to read and sign their declaration accepting the office of Deputy Mayor of Macclesfield.

The meeting will then be re-convened.




3.    Retiring Mayor of Macclesfield Remarks


4.    Tribute by the Incoming Mayor of Macclesfield to the Retiring Mayor of Macclesfield and Mayoress


5.    Appointment (if known) of the Mayor’s Honorary Chaplain, Mayor’s Cadet, Introduction to the Mayor’s Charity/ies to be Supported and Plans for the Year


6.    Apologies for Absence


7.    Declarations of Interest


Public Questions


The meeting will be adjourned to invite comments and questions from the public.

The meeting will then be reconvened.


NOTE:  If you would like to speak during public session, please email by 5pm on Thursday 12th May 2022. Every practicable effort will be made to try and arrange your inclusion.

If you would like to submit a written statement, please submit your statement for inclusion and circulation to the committee to  by 5pm on Thursday 12th May 2021.


Please note this is a face to face meeting and numbers in the room are very limited. If you wish to attend please register with the clerk by emailing


8.    Minutes of the Meeting of Full Council 21st March 2022

Action:         To consider the draft minutes and approve them as a true record of the meeting.


9.    Committee Appointments

Action:         To approve the committee appointments.


10.         Calendar Of Meetings

Action:         To approve the calendar of meetings.


11.         Governance Review

11.1        Financial Regulations

Action: To approve the financial regulations.

11.2        Risk register

Action: To approve the risk register.


12.         Audit For Financial Year 2021/22


  • To consider the approval of the Annual Governance Statement.
  • To consider the approval of the Accounting Statements 2021/22


13.         Internal Auditor

Action:         To approve JDH Business Services as internal auditor 2022/23.


14.         External Support Services


  • To approve Wirehouse Employer Services for HR and H&S support.
  • To approve Shires Pay Services Ltd for Payroll Services.
  • To approve Blain Boland & Co Solicitors for legal support.
  • To approve John Greenhall & Co for finance and accountancy support.


15.         Cheshire Association of Local Councils (Chalc)

Action:         To consider the renewal of membership of ChALC.


16.         Other Memberships

Action: to consider renewal of the following memberships

  • National Allotment Society.


17.         Annual report

Action:         To note and receive the 2021/22 Annual Report of the Town Council.


18.         Christmas Lights

Please see attached report

Action: To approve LITE as the supplier for the next 3 years


19.         South Park Pavilion

19.1 South Park Pavilion Appointment of Architect

Action: To approve Bower Matin as the chosen architect for South Park Pavilion.

  • Budgeted £100,000 for Parks and Play Areas

Action: To consider the following proposal from the Services Committee 25 04 22.

7.1 Parks and Play Areas

Resolved: The Services Committee recommends for Full Council, that the budgeted amount of £100,000 for Parks goes towards South Park Pavilion. It will  pay for the architect, surveys and structural engineers.



20.         Cheshire East Consultations

20.1 Winter Maintenance Top Up Scheme – Closing Date 27th May 2022

20.2 End of Season Review of Winter Gritting

20.3 Highways Survey of Town and Parish Satisfaction – Closing date 31 May 2022

Action: To consider a response to the above consultations.


21.         Date, Time and Place of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting of Macclesfield Town Council is 7pm, 13th June 2022 at Macclesfield Town Hall.


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