Plan of Priorities for Year Ahead 2022/23

Plan of Priorities for Year Ahead 2022/23

Plan of Priorities for Year Ahead 2022/23


This document sets out Macclesfield Town Councils priorities or the year 2022/23 and was approved at the Full Council meeting on 29/03/22.

This links to the Council Strategy 2019/2023 which can be found on the Town Council Website here:

A PDF copy of this information can be found using this link Review of Plan of Priorities set 22-23

Key Priorities





Link to Council Strategy 2019-23

Progress and Updates Mar 2023

To consider the asset transfer of the Visitor Information Centre currently run by CEC. To ensure the continuation of this much needed asset for the people of and visitors to Macclesfield. To work with CEC to ensure priorities and aspirations are understood and shared.


MTC to complete due diligence and impact on current staffing and costs.

Jan/ Feb 2022









Decision by Dec 2022

Section 6 Councillors and Staff team at MTC have met with CEC to start the process.

Tupe will apply to current staff.


Clerk has the accounts and is visiting to look at the current arrangements.





Progress continues, MTC will assist with funding for VIC for another year, to ensure that is secure.

To build a Pavilion in South Park To provide a community building for residents and visitors to use and enjoy, enhancing their visits to the park and encouraging visitors to Macclesfield. South Park Pavilion Working Party set up and working on a design brief for the new build


To select an architect to design 2 options (1 and 2 story)


To consult the public on the design


To go to procurement of a building contractor once there is a chosen design and plan


To go out to procurement Feb 2022.







Apr/ May 2022




May/ Jun 2022




Sep 2022


Section 6 Working party set up and meetings are regular and on the MTC website.








Architect has been procured, Bower, Mattin and Young.





4 public consultations completed with over 700 people sharing their views.






Planning permission has been approved and a funding plan is underway.


Progress is excellent.

To improve Community Enforcement in the Town. For many residents’ community enforcement has been a key issue, around fly tipping, littering and dog mess. To meet with CEC to plan recruitment of a further Community Enforcement Officer for Macclesfield to be funded by MTC.

For MTC to be involved in the recruitment process.


Community Enforcement Officer starts

Jan/ Feb 2022










Mar 2022




Apr 2022


8.2.1 Community Enforcement Officer for Macclesfield started in Jan 23, and is successfully working in the community to tackle:

·         Dog fouling

·         Fly tipping

·         Abandoned cars

·         Business waste

Improvements seen at Christchurch with dog fouling and business waste on Mill ST in the town centre.

Improve signage in and around the town To aid residents and visitors to Macclesfield to get around the town easily, increasing footfall and to aid promotion of local businesses aiding recovery. Agreed £20,000 budget from Town Council.


Town Centre Manager is leading and will update every services committee.


Aim for completion of the signage

Agreed DEC 2021




First update Feb 2022







Dec 2022

9.2.4 Progress is on target. Developers of Barracks Mill are working on signage from the development to the town, which includes signage from the station.

Improved signage in the indoor market.

Winter Gritting To pursue a review of the CEC Policy and Well Managed Highways in order to get significant roads out on the CEC winter gritting schedule. Write to MP and CEC Highways concerning the Well Managed Highways and the residents desire to have removed roads reinstated.


Encourage residents to have their say by writing to CEC Highways.



Review to take place by CEC May 2022


Jan 2022















Jan /Apr 2022








Review by CEC May 2022

New Priority Winter gritting agreed with CEC through the winter top up scheme including the town centre.
Middlewood Way Lights To light up part of the Middlewood way with environmentally friendly lights. CEC highways contractor Ringway Jacobs provided incorrect information and quotes on the lights for 2 years which are significantly slowed down this project.


Ringway Jacobs to review the cost of a now necessary ‘Lighting Design’.


Depending on the above outcome, MTC to decide a way forward.


















Jan 2022





Feb 2022





Lighting Design approved and paid for by MTC in June 2022.

Still awaiting the design, Ringway Jacobs have informed MTC that there are issues with Cadent and gas pipes which they are waiting for information on. Town Clerk has requested the lightning design at present.

Progress is slowed by Ringway Jacobs.

Update as of DEC 22- the original price from Ringway Jacobs has now increased 3 fold.

Improve facilities in town centre Toilets for public use to be provided including fully accessible changing places toilets. Very challenging as MTC owns no land in the town centre.


Best option is to work with CEC to provide toilets in Indoor Market

Section 9 MTC have paid £110,000 towards toilets for the town centre. Joint project CEC and MTC, toilets will be situated in Indoor Market

In the interim period MTC has paid St. Michael’s Church to open theirs to the public..

Celebrate the Jubilee To ensure the town and community has the opportunity to come together safely and mark the Jubilee. A community party is planned for each ward. June 2022 New Priorty MTC funded and supported over 9 successful Jubilee parties in the town, including one in each ward.

A similar approach will be taken for the Coronation, with several parties throughout Macclesfield.


Ongoing Priorities





Link to Council Strategy 2019/23

Progress and Updates Mar 2023

A clean, attractive and tidy town. To ensure the town is clean and tidy predominantly by way of the Town Rangers but also  with opportunities for the community to get involved.


Facilitate residents with litter picking equipment and collection of rubbish


Team extended by a Junior Ranger


Opportunities for volunteers








Purchased and loan litter picking equipment to residents directly and through Scoop and Scales. Rangers can collect rubbish collected if arranged beforehand

Dec 2021




















Ranger team expanded, junior ranger and volunteers have been involved, including many Councilors.




Litter picking equipment proved by MTC is widely used by the community and loaned out by the Town Council.  Arranged town centre litter picks with Scoop and Scales.


The floral displays are fabulous, the contribution from the community has been excellent, and resulted in Gold at Britain in Bloom.


Art and Culture in the Town Facilitate, support and aid the development of Art and Culture in the Town through grants and work commissioned. Funded Barnaby Air to produce micro works in consultation with the community


Support and promote the Museums and library activities where possible.


Work and commission groups and local artists where possible to add to the events e.g Artspace commissioned for Chinese New Year

June 2022




June 2022















Ongoing promotion and a grant to the Museum for Heritage days.


Working with local groups to join in events such as Artspace and the Silk Museum who have provided many workshops at MTC events.


Funding Barnaby Parade for June 2023 to Barnaby and Artspace.


Involved in choosing and promoting the new murals and shutter painting projects in town and at the station.


01625 Gallery in the previously neglected phone boxes outside the Town Hall.


Commissioned art work at Weston Park with local artist, Dick Vincent.



To provide excellent and safe community events. To ensure residents and visitors can enjoy the town and events, creating a sense of community and making Macclesfield a good place to live and increasing footfall to the town centre. Events planned included:

·                    Chinese New Year

·                    Welly Walk

·                    Eco Summit

·                    Older Peoples Day

·                    Remembrance

·                    Food Festival

·                    Christmas light switch on

·                    Tree of Light

·                    Late night shopping

·                    Possible light projections


Support with community events such as pride, bikeathon and the food festival.


A full project and events plan will be presented at FEB 2022 services committee

Ongoing calendar throughout the year. Inclusive events runs through the strategy All events have been delivered and well attended so far this year including a Mayors Picinic in Aug 2022 to celebrate the centenary of South Park.

New events have been added, such as the Lantern parade in Feb 23, which was very positively received.


All events have been delivered and have significantly improved the footfall into the town centre, and businesses have been involved with the many town trails we have arranged.


Events held 22-23

·         Chinese New Year

·         Nature Needs You

·         Eco Summit

·         Mayors Picnic in South Park

·         Older Peoples Day

·         Spooky Saturday

·         Remembrance

·         Late Night Shopping event

·         Christmas Town Centre Event

·         Tree of Light

·         Late night shopping

·         Town Hall Light projections


Events the Town Council has supported among others:

·         Macc Pow

·         Bikeathon

·         Pancake Race

·         Pride


A vibrant and prosperous town centre. To continue to support the recovery of the Town Centre for the good of businesses and the residents and visitors. TCRWG continues to meet regularly to work on the recovery plan.


Funding for signage around town agreed by MTC.


Funding of planters, furniture and gazeboes from Welcome Back fund.




MTC to take part in CEC Macclesfield Markets Consultation





MTC to keep LEP abreast of improvements and updates.


MTC to ensure they are part of the CEC consultation with regard to the possible used of the Town Hall


Encourage and facilitate where possible pop-up shops in the town






Encourage and inform cafes and restaurants to apply for street licenses to promote the outdoor café culture



Shop Front guide commissioned for Town Centre businesses





Complete by Dec 2022



Apr 2022





Jan 2022











Feb 2022



















































Section 9

Section 6







TCRWG continues to meet meets regularly and was instrumental in gaining toilets for the town centre, plus further areas for hospitality.


Town centre kit has been purchased and used for many events around the town.


MTC supported indoor market, with comms, signage and events.


TC promote and share information on pop up shops and new businesses.


Town Centre manager delivered leaflets to businesses and aided the licenses.


Supported the Hospitality area at Park Green.


Shop front guide is complete and on MTC website.


Increased events in the Town Centre has brought in higher numbers of footfall.


Working with local shops to create trails for families.

Planning and development to be in keeping with the character of the town and meets residents’ aspirations. To complete the Conservation Area review of the Town Centre, the character assessment of Macclesfield and consider further Conservation area reviews in the town. Town Centre Conservation Area Appraisal complete and ready to go out to consultation by CEC.



Character Assessment in progress.



Shop Front guide commissioned for Town Centre businesses

Apr/May 2022








Compete by May 2022




Complete by May 2022.




All actions set to be achieved. CEC have consulted on the Town Centre Conservation Area Appraisal which CEC have adopted.

Character Assessment and Shop Front guide also completed and available to the public.

Excellent and appropriate communications across the town. To ensure the residents have access to information about the Town Councils work and other issues that may affect them. MTC Website redeveloped


Ongoing comms through social media, website, local radio, notice boards and local news outlets,

Dec 2021





11.2 MTC redeveloper website was completed, and 2 accessibility audits have been completed with an independent auditor and website has been updated accordingly.


Communications continues to improve with social media accounts and updates on most popular platforms.


More engagement with local news providers.


More copies of Macc Updates printed and provided throughout the town and events for local people to pick up.


More noticeboards in Bollinbrook, East Ward and one requested for Castle ST.

Ensure residents and visitors have excellent Parks and Play Areas To upgrade equipment and the facilities in parks and play areas. Banbury Park, planting to be agreed and complete




West and Ivy play area to have new equipment including a zip wire chosen after consultation with the residents. Possible mural for the skate track





Accessible play equipment to be installed in South Park



Funding agreed towards skate park at Windmill ST.
















£100,000 in budget for 22/23 to be decided upon for parks and play areas

Apr 2022









Apr/May 2022
















Feb 2022








July 2022- depending on community ability to crowdfund.















Decision by Jun 2022.




Banbury Park planting complete and new path created.



Weston Park new equipment completed. Artwork and goal posts to be completed APR 23,


Accessible equipment installed and well used at South Park.


MTC committed £26500 towards the skate park it has gone out to procurement for the 2nd time.


£100,000 approved to go towards South Park Pavilion development.


Please see Green Brochure

A resilient and adaptable Voluntary sector who are valued. Many residents rely on the services provided by the voluntary sector and the Town Council aims to ensure that they have all the support they need for delivery of services. Town Council currently procuring specialised support for Macclesfield VCFS.


Grants are available with a budget of £42,000.






Mayors Civic Awards recognise the achievements in the community


Jan 2022









Grant Decisions at every Finance Committee Meeting.




Nominations requested

Jan 2022



















All on target. Excellent engagement from local groups now attending the committee and creating partnerships and links  as a result.



Please see Community Grants – Macclesfield Town Council ( full list of grants



Town Council volunteers have increased and will be attending a Mayors Thank you event.



Mayor’s Civic Awards to take place on 16th April 2023.

Climate Emergency Commitment to Tree Planting across the Town









Eco Summit to be held to share information and encourage change of behaviour.






Promote Active











Facilitate residents with litter picking equipment and collection of rubbish

Tress to be planted for Jubilee, Covid Commemoration tree in each ward.







MTC to arrange working with local environmental groups including Macctastic






Encourage promotion of active travel initiatives and pedestrian and cycling lanes.





Purchased and loan litter picking equipment to residents directly and through Scoop and Scales. Rangers can collect rubbish collected if arranged beforehand

FEB 2022













Update set for May 2022 Full Summit scheduled for Oct 2022
































Covid remembrance trees and in each ward, plus trees for the jubilee.


Tree project in Tytherington. Excellent community involvement, who have identified many areas.


Successful Eco summit took place May 22.


Excellent take up of the equipment loaned by MTC and many groups litter picking.


Community Transport working group set up by Town Council exploring ways TC can support green and active travel.

Britain in Bloom To create a fantastic campaign to showcase the town, the work of the Rangers and the community and bring footfall into the town. Britain in Bloom Working party in progress and plan in place.









Town businesses to be asked to get involved.



Plan and report to be produced pre judges visit.




Ongoing Meetings











Mar 2022





May 2022




July/Aug 2022

8.2.5 GOLD at Britain in Bloom Achieved! Excellent work with community groups and the Town Council.


The portfolio is on MTC website.



Continue to Improve Awareness of the Town Council To ensure residents, have access to information that helps them understand the role of the Town Council and the work it completes. Work to further develop our social media and new website


To develop beneficial working relationships with news/social media outlets so we get accurate coverage of our activities.







11.2.1 Website developed with lots of information and communications continues to be responsive and improve.

Once per month session on Silk FM, noticeboards increased.

Attendance at community events and Treacle markets.


Increased social media presence with over 5000 followers and growing.

Provide Free Sports and Activities for Residents Encourage residents to get involved with free activities designed to improve their health and wellbeing Park fit continues to be online while a new location is sought – as the previous location is no longer an option




Street sports continues all year round and is completely free

Aiming for summer 2022, until then it continues online.








Ongoing service








10.2.1 All on target and Park fit and street sports have excellent attendance.




Basketball being arranged to be offered in West Park.

To Encourage and Facilitate Safe Playing Out To create playing out sessions where children can play out safety in Macclesfield Training Volunteers to do road closures to facilitate sessions.



To develop playing out sessions in South and Hurdsfield Wards working with local groups.









Aiming for summer 2022

10.2.2 First session has taken place in South Ward, which had an overwhelmingly positive response.