Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group 26th April 2021

Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group 26th April 2021

Mon 26th Apr 2021

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Mon 26th Apr 2021

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Working Group - Town Centre Recovery


Abi Sherratt Macclesfield Town Council

Aoife Middlemass CVSCE

Cllr Fiona Wilson Macclesfield Town Council

Cllr Janet Jackson MBE (Co-Chair) Macclesfield Town Council

Cllr Liz Brathwaite Cheshire East Council

Dr Evi Girling Keele University

Laura Smith Macclesfield Town Council

Matthew Baqueriza-Jackson (Co – Chair) Make it Macclesfield

Justine Gore Peaks and Plains Housing Trust

Jo Wise Cheshire East Council


Cllr Nick Mannion Cheshire East Council

Emma Anderson Macclesfield Museums

1. Welcome from Co/Chairs

Cllr Jackson welcomed and thanked the group.

2 Updates on Member organisations endorsement of the plan

The Silk Trust formally endorsed our plan at their Board Meeting on 1st April.

CVSCE – will endorse at next Board meeting and confirm.

3 Updates on Subgroups and actions on the plan

· Communication

The next subgroup is being arranged by AS.

· Outdoor Eating

Cllr Wilson feedback that a positive meeting was held on 14th April 2021. Outdoor eating area at beginning of Market Square is going ahead and we hope will be in place for 17th May. MHA are project managing and will provide updates.

JW updated on the pavement licence process which is now free. The applications are dealt with by CEC, and MTC are a consultee.

· Community Response

Subgroup still to take place however MTC and CVSCE are holding a ‘get together’ virtually by zoom for Voluntary sector 19th May.

Also, the working group aim to hold an event/ promotion during ‘Volunteers Week’ at the beginning of June, to showcase the wonderful voluntary opportunities in Macclesfield. AM to lead.

It was also agreed to separate the Art and Culture from this group, and for Cllr Jackson and EA to attend the Macclesfield Cultural Forum, so they can feedback to the working group from that, rather than set up a new subgroup that would be duplication. Art and Culture will have its own Heading as a subgroup on future agendas.

· Eco Summit

Set for 15th May 2021. Organised by MTC and Macctastic. JG and Cllr Mannion are leading the session on the recovery working group and actions in the plan that come under the environment. From this the aim to create a subgroup.

· Update on actions on plan: MBJ and LS to update the mailing list on developments and work.

4. Updates from last meeting

· JW updated on criteria for levelling up and LEP funding. JW also showcased the marketing ‘Say ‘hi’ to the High Street’ and associated posters and campaign to be rolled out.

· Chewing gum campaign to be run by MTC.

AS had order items from Keep Britain Tidy and will plan a social media campaign.

· Discussion on Town Hall

It was agreed to hold this meeting once the CEC Asset Transfer Policy has been approved by CEC. Interested parties will be informed by LS and MBJ.

5. Next Steps/Actions

– Hold all subgroup meetings and email notes to all members to update.

– Update mailing list members

– Members to try to attend the LEP Consultations.

– It was agreed the next meeting will be spent reviewing the TOR and the future of the working group.

6. Date of next meeting

10am 8th June 2021.

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