Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group 2nd November 2021

Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group 2nd November 2021

2nd November 2021

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2nd November 2021

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Working Group - Town Centre Recovery

Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Working Group

Minutes of the meeting to be held on 2nd November 2021



Abi Sherratt                                                               Macclesfield Town Council

Aoife Middlemass                                                     CVSCE

Becky Thompson                                                      Macclesfield Hospitality Action

Chris Draper (Co Chair)                                           Peaks and Plains Housing Trust

Cllr Fiona Wilson                                                        Macclesfield Town Council

Cllr Janet Jackson MBE (Co-Chair)                         Macclesfield Town Council

Cllr Liz Brathwaite                                                     Cheshire East Council

Cllr Nick Mannion                                                     Cheshire East Council

Emma Anderson                                                       Macclesfield Museums

Laura Smith                                                               Macclesfield Town Council

Jo Wise                                                                      Cheshire East Council




Matt Todd                                                                 Scoop and Scales

Dr Evi Girling                                                              Keele University




  1. Welcome from Co Chairs

Chris Draper chaired as Janet Jackson was on an iPad making it difficult for her to chair.


  1. Update from sub groups:

Comms- Abi Sherratt

Held a positive meeting on 6/09/21. MTC website is now live, improving signage in the town was discussed, and articles have been put in local people.


Outdoor Hospitality – Cllr Fiona Wilson

Met on 22/09/21 and again on 01/11/21 discussed pavement licenses ( MTC have not received any information on applicants), road closures on market square ( can they be permanent) and the welcome back fund. CEC are procuring across Cheshire East and will be buying deckchairs, gazebos and planters etc.

Becky Thompson advised that Five Clouds and R and G’s would be renting a gazebos structure for Dec 21.


Art and Culture – Emma Anderson

Tunicliffe exhibition hopefully in Town Hall this Dec – this will be evaluated to see if more joint working can take place.


Community Response- Aoife Middlemiss

CVS created a ‘Macclesfield Hub’ that is linked to MTC new website.


Environment –Matt Todd to go ahead with a monthly meeting for environmental groups and Aoife at CVS will attend too.


  1. New Sub Group – Town Hall Update

Jo Wise updated on the brief for the Town Hall feasibility study. The group will no longer have a sub group and Charles Jarvis will chair 4 meetings, and feedback will be given to the group.


  1. Mailing List Update of Plan

Abi Sherratt will complete by end of the week.


  1. Welcome Back fund update

Jo Wise.

Procurement priority pre-Christmas comms.

Then deck chairs, gazebos plants and planters.

Light boxes in various locations on town to be agreed.


  1. Activities in the Town Centre

Peaks and Plains development- Chris Draper

Circulated a brochure distributed to businesses near the Crossing development, positive feedback from the businesses so far. This will mean offering people who move into the Crossing vouchers or a booklet on the offers from the local businesses.  Monthly challenge group of local residents, they monitor policy changes before Peaks and Plains adopt changes. Chris is attending to discuss the recovery group and will feedback views to the group.


Britain in Bloom – Janet Jackson/Laura Smith

Britain in Bloom judging will take place July / Aug 22. Plans are in place and we are looking to encourage local retailers and businesses to get involved. Contact will be made with shop parades on the estates also.


Christmas Activities – Abi Sherratt/ Becky Thompson

Updated that hospitality event and late night shopping on 2nd December. Lots of shops have agreed to open and Grosvenor centre will open until 9pm, and free car parking from 3pm.


Shop Front Guide – Fiona Wilson

MTC completed conservation area review and it is now with CEC for consultation and MTC are also completing a character review – this has brought up the matter of shop fronts and the various designs. MTC are looking for a guide to be completed to assist shops to make the town look attractive and keeping in character.

  1. Date of next meeting

7th December 10am


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