South Park Pavilion Working Party 11.03.22

South Park Pavilion Working Party 11.03.22

Fri 11th Mar 2022

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Fri 11th Mar 2022

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Working Group - South Park Pavilion Working Party

South Park Pavilion Working Party

Notes 11th March 2022 2pm


Cllr Janet Jackson

Cllr Sandy Livingstone – Chair

Cllr Fiona Wilson

Pete Thompson

Jo Bennett

Laura Smith

Malcolm McGinn

Aoife Middlemass



Becky Thompson

Ruth Morgan

Abi Sherratt


Welcome from Chair (Cllr Livingstone)

Cllr Livingstone welcomed the group and introduced 2 new members Malcolm McGinn and Aoife Middlemass.


Notes from last meeting

Accepted as true record of the meeting.


Update on the design brief (publication, interest etc)

17 applications in response to the design brief, Councillors will short list and present to the group.

Cllrs to meet to discuss applications – Cllr Livingstone to set up meeting.




Lottery Fund Feedback and Planning the application

Stage 1 – We will go for a stage 1 application as soon as possible including that we will be doing consultation with inline with ANSA with and the Masterplan for the whole park.


  • Councillors will feedback anecdotal information including parkrun feedback.
  • Grow Macclesfield feedback
  • Linking the bid in with ANSA and SPARK masterplan and oncoming consultations.
  • Park Lane School feedback on the need for changing places toilets to go with the inclusive equipment.
  • Community Tennis Club feedback
  • South Park Street Sports – MTC funded feedback.
  • Spark funded sports events feedback.

Spark raised issue that to hold the events they need a person who has a 3 day first aid course qualification as determined with CEC. This is an issue and MTC have encountered it too and MTC are looking into funding a course for staff, Councillors and volunteers who will be prepared to attend the events.

Update on South Park Masterplan

  • Last met 7th Feb, map has been updated to include correct park run route.
  • Masterplan is going to go on large boards in the park with QR codes. Posters will also go up to advertise.
  • Football pitch has been decided to be junior football pitches with possible removable goalposts.
  • S106 monies is being looked at to see if there is any that can go to the park.
  • Girls area, we believe is now gone for the masterplan.


Comms Plan

Abi and Laura working on a draft plan – circulate to the members of the meeting.

Next Steps

  • Councillors arrange session with to go through architects’ proposals
  • Submit the stage 1 lottery as soon as possible
  • Consultation to be done inline with Ansa and Spark
  • Cllr Livingstone will circulate updated timeline.
  • Masterplan of the park
  • Comms plan to be circulated when ready


  • Date of next Meeting

2pm 8th April on zoom

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