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Macclesfield Town Council is funding a local police initiative to deter and prevent domestic burglaries.

“Operation Shield” involves providing households at risk with a kit containing smart liquid with which occupants mark their valuables. The liquid dries invisible to the naked eye and contains a unique code that is registered to that address.  Should the household be unfortunate enough to be a victim of burglary, then any recovered property can easily be identified and returned and the police can secure strong evidence to prosecute the offender. Studies have shown that in areas where the kits are installed there is a significant reduction in burglaries.

Pete Turner, the Town Clerk of Macclesfield, commented that “we truly value the work of our local policing unit and we have been working together to see how the council can support the police and augment their excellent service to the community”.

So far nearly 1000 kits have been given out by local police officers, along with Councillors, across each of the seven communities the Town Council are responsible for.

There are still a number of kits to be deployed to areas that the local officers have identified as vulnerable, or where a burglary pattern has emerged. Both the Town Council and the local officers have been promoting the work on social media.

Sgt Rob Simpson of the Macclesfield Local Policing Unit added “Working in partnership with the Town Council shows how we can work together to target an issue that affects the town’s residents. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity the council has given us to do this fantastic prevention and community engagement work”.


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