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Planning in Macclesfield

Policies and decision process


The Local Planning Authority (LPA) is Cheshire East Council. It determines the decisions for planning applications in Cheshire East including Macclesfield. The planning department is also concerned with planning policy for the area, conservation, planning enforcement and tree preservation/felling. Visit the Cheshire East Council Planning Portal for more information.

Macclesfield Town Council is a statutory consultee of Cheshire East Council and as such is notified of new planning applications within the boundary of Macclesfield. The Planning Committee meets every 3 to 4 weeks to consider and comment on the list of planning applications on the meeting agenda.

Macclesfield Town Council does not determine Planning Applications but it can represent the views of the community if it thinks there are valid planning reasons to do so.

As with all LPAs, Cheshire East Council must take into account the views and recommendations of Macclesfield Town Council but does not need to act on them. The Planning Committee’s comments can be found in the minutes for each meeting.

If the Planning Committee feels strongly about an application that is on the agenda of either the Cheshire East Council Strategic or Northern Planning Board, it may nominate one of the committee members to register to speak.

The Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy sets planning policies and allocates sites for development. More information can be found under Cheshire East Local Plan.

Planning Permission

Visit Planning Permission for advice on when you need permission and how to apply.

Information can also be found on the Cheshire East Council Planning Portal.

How do I comment on a planning application?

Details of planning applications can be found through the Cheshire East Council Planning Portal.

If the date for submitting comments has not passed, comments can be added to the application.

First, view the plans and supporting documentation. You may also see that consultees and neighbours  have submitted their comments.

Listed below are planning reasons for objecting to an application:

  • Highways – access/roads unsuitable for the development (where access is a relevant consideration)
  • Loss of light – dependent on the size/siting of the development to a neighbouring property’s principal windows (can they be directly looked into?)
  • Design/size/scale/materials of proposal in relation to the existing property, neighbouring properties and general location
  • Effect on/loss of protected trees or listed buildings
  • Setting listed buildings on Conservation Area
  • Noise, fumes, smell or loss of privacy
  • Risk of flooding as a result of the proposal
  • Loss of a valuable facility if dealt with in the local plan.

Things which are not normally planning considerations include:

  • Loss of view/aspect
  • Personal matters relating to the specific applicant
  • Changes to land/property values
  • Personal taste with respect to the proposal.

The examples listed above are a guide to assist in the preparation of letters or statements of support or opposition and not comprehensive. For more information visit Cheshire East Council’s  guidance.

Report A Problem

Find the contact details for reporting problems in your community as well as links to the online quick submission forms.