Cllr Alift Harewood-Jones MBE


West & Ivy Ward

Finance Committee, Personnel Committee

Cllr Alift Harewood Jones Mbe

I am retired from Nursing, in the course of which I was engaged in a variety of disciplines, and became a councillor keen to continue in service and dialogue in a community to which we emigrated from South America.

That engagement in community cohesion and mutual support continue to engage, enthuse and advise me to support and make changes that are surprising as they are beneficial.  I have lived in Macclesfield for many years commencing with a young family,  finding interest across the engagements of many organisations that are the makings of society.

I remain linked to a number of Voluntary organisations within Macclesfield and across Cheshire. I consider that every behaviour and change must remain suitable and serviceable within and around the community that is served and as it is changing.