Cllr Chris Wilcock

Councillor & Deputy Mayor

Broken Cross and Upton Ward

Services Committee (Vice-Chair), Finance Committee

Cllr Chris Willcock

Hi, I’m Chris Wilcock your Town Councillor for Broken Cross and Upton Ward.

As well as being a Councillor I work full time and have a wife and young daughter.  In my spare time I love going on family days out, watching football and cricket, and going on walks, so much so I recently completed a 52km walk raising money for East Cheshire Hospice.

I became a Town Councillor in 2019 because I wanted to make changes locally. The governance that affects where I live, and the way the Town Council is all about bringing the community back together again.  I love the community feel on the estates and really enjoyed organising the Easter Egg hunt on Greenside and the Upton, and bringing some colour, by planting bulbs on a roundabout on the estate along with some residents.

I am deputy chair of Services Committee which is all about what the Town Council do for the people of Macclesfield, and I am very keen on the community aspect and getting the communities engaged in projects such as planting, or the schemes run by the church on the Upton.