Macclesfield Town Council - Cllr Chris Andrew

The work of a councillor – Chris Andrew

Over the past 2 years I have worked with residents in Macclesfield South Ward.

Published on: Friday October 13, 2017

Working as a local ward councillor has been a real opportunity to get to know the town and its residents better.

Over the past 2 years I have worked with residents in Macclesfield South Ward to resolve serious potholes on Park Mount Drive, which are now repaired.

I receive a lot of concerns from residents relating to speeding in all areas of the ward. I have been working with the local policing unit’s PCSOs to speak to offenders and I am trying to find people who might be interested in starting a Community Speed Watch Group and encourage and support them.

Thoughtless and sometimes illegal parking in the ward is also a common complaint of residents and, having met with the Highways and Parking Manager, a “signage solution” will be trialled as an initial response.

Other concerns have included a prolonged localised flooding issue on Rutland Road, which has now been resolved with United Utilities accepting responsibility after lengthy debates. I have also been involved in addressing overgrown hedges in south Macclesfield and through discussion, the owners of the hedges have begun to maintain them for the benefit of all.

These challenges, and many more (including getting a first ever street sign for Lomas Square; helping with planning queries; awarding grants through the council’s finance committee; and trying to address anti-social behaviours) have been a truly fulfilling experience as new councillor and I have found that being able to signpost residents through what can be a complex council structure a rewarding experience.