Chapter 2 – Responsibilities

Chapter 2 – Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities

The main purpose of this section is to ensure that employees are aware of their legal responsibilities whilst at work, to confirm the health and safety management structure of our business and the appointments forming this structure and the duties and responsibilities allocated to respective employees.

General Responsibilities of All Employees

Material Concepts takes seriously the health, safety and welfare of its employees and anyone else that may be affected by our work activities. We expect full cooperation from our employees to help us maintain safe working environments. It is our aim to create a positive safety culture within our business and sustain high standards.

Employees empowered to organise, manage and supervise work activities must ensure that our safety policies and procedures are followed at all times. Activities must be completed without significant risk of harm or loss, risks will be assessed and measures introduced to enable this.

Where employees have limited experience of activities involving risk, supervision will be afforded until such a time when satisfactory competence is deemed sufficient. Training needs will be assessed for all employees and the necessary training to enable you to work safely will be arranged.

You must refrain from using equipment likely to cause harm, for which you have had no training. If you notice any unsafe equipment, acts or situations you must take action and report this.

We have in place a system for periodic monitoring. The purpose of this task is to continually assess our performance with respect to health and safety. Employees have been nominated with specific monitoring responsibilities, from time to time you may be requested to provide assistance.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places duties on workers, Sections 7 and 8 refer specifically to the duties of employees, these are to:

  • take reasonable care of your own health and safety and that of anyone else effected by what you do;
  • cooperate with us, your employer, enabling us to comply with our statutory duties;
  • refrain from intentionally or recklessly interfering with or misusing anything provided in the interest of health, safety and welfare:

You must understand that failure to act and comply with legal duties may result with disciplinary action being taken against you, possibly by an enforcing authority.

Health and Safety Management Structure

This diagram is a representation of our management structure and organising strategy for health and safety responsibilities within our business.

Health SDiagram with Mayor and Safety Advisors boxes. Employees/Vounteers box is below Mayor and joined to it with a line.afety Management Structure

The Council Leader has ultimate responsibility for health & safety within Macclesfield Council at any time when an employee who is assigned with responsibilities is absent from work, please consult their next line manager and raise any concerns regarding health and safety.


The Proprietor has the overall and final responsibility for safety, health, fire and welfare. However, contribution is needed by all employees, to achieve a safe working environment.

Responsibilities include the following:- This list is not exhaustive

  • understanding the Health and Safety at Work Act and any other acts, legislation or approved codes of practice that apply to our business and ensuring these are observed,
  • ensure that Employees are supported in their roles and that health and safety issues are discussed as part of operational business planning,
  • ensuring all accidents and incidents are discussed within the team with a view to prevent re-occurrence,
  • providing sufficient funds and resources for health, safety, fire, and welfare arrangements,
  • ensuring that suitable insurance cover is provided for all statutory and general requirements within the business,
  • monitoring and review processes for health and safety activities both on and off site are completed on a regular basis,
  • ensuring that assessments of risk are completed by competent persons, information is documented and communicated – including general and fire risks on site and for installation work,
  • ensuring that assessments are reviewed regularly,
  • ensuring that adequate controls have been identified and implemented following the identification  of significant hazards,
  • ensure that regular monitoring checks are completed for matters pertaining to health and safety,
  • setting a personal example for employees to follow.


Responsibilities include the following:-

This list is not exhaustive

  • understand your responsibilities as an employee and comply with any rules and procedures that apply to you,
  • not use equipment until we have provided you with the necessary training and authority for use,
  • make full use of any guards and safety devices,
  • not operate any equipment if under the influence of drugs or alcohol,
  • not willingly cause damage to any work equipment,
  • use any personal protective equipment we provide and deem necessary for specific tasks,
  • use suitable footwear for your employment,
  • not endanger your safety or the safety of others,
  • help achieve and maintain high standards of housekeeping,
  • not interfere with any safety arrangements or equipment we provide,
  • observe the total no smoking policy,
  • only use your mobile phone when it is safe to do so, you must not use mobile phones when operating machinery,
  • not bring any personal electrical devices into work without the permission of your manager,
  • wear safety shoes in the workshop.
  • report any faults or unsafe conditions,

Communication and Consultation

Health and safety arrangements, rules and procedures have been introduced to prevent accidents occurring thus protecting employees and others against harm, however effective communication is vital to ensure these measures achieve their desired intentions.

We aim to consult with you and involve employees in the decision making process and development of our safety arrangements.

Health and Safety Policy

The Health and Safety Policy is accessible to all employees, it details and is an inherent part of the framework for our safety management systems. All employees should be familiar with the contents.

Employee Safety Handbook

The Employee Safety Handbook provides general safety information and makes reference to where further information can be obtained. It also provides details of our rules, procedures and arrangements. You must be familiar with the handbook content.

Policies and Procedures

We have devised our policies and procedures to ensure safe working practices are documented. Information relevant to each job or employee role will be communicated using our methods identified in this section.


We have appointed various levels of management to implement, manage and assist with safety arrangements and procedures on a daily basis. Their duties include the communication of safety information to employees and others to ensure our policies, procedures and rules are being followed and standards are being maintained.

Posters and Notices

A health and safety law poster is displayed in the reception area providing basic information regarding duties at work.


We will arrange the necessary training to ensure work is carried out without risk of harm. The Supervisors and Proprietor is responsible for identifying any shortfalls with competence and consequent training needs. We will use credible and competent training providers for delivery of any external training.

Communication with Others

It is inevitable that visitors or contractors will spend time at our site. It is our intention to communicate any rules or procedures relevant to their safety to these persons. This we will do either whilst making arrangements for their visit or on arrival.

More information on visitors and contractors can be found in the following section.

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