Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Plan

Published on: Tuesday October 13, 2020

Over the last month a small Working Group has been working hard on developing a Macclesfield Town Centre Recovery Plan.

We now have in place the introduction and context to the Plan, and have developed some high-level objectives and actions which we would like the Plan to achieve. These objectives and actions are framed by the High Streets Task Force Recovery Framework and particularly themes around Crisis, Pre-Recovery, Recovery and Transformation.

We have also started to gather evidence through two surveys: one for business Business Survey; and the other with residents Residents Survey. To supplement this, we are now moving to the next stage of the development of the Plan, which is to engage further with groups, businesses, and residents of the Town Centre. In the coming weeks, the Working Group will facilitate a number of meetings where we will look to find out:

  • How Covid-19 has affected groups, businesses, and communities in the town centre;
  • What they have already done in response;
  • What they think about our emerging objectives and actions;
  • How they can help deliver the objectives and actions in the short term.
  • For the Working Group, it is really important that a range of voices feed into the Plan

Minutes of Working Group held 22nd September 2020