Shop Front Guide and Glow Up Grants

Shop Front Guide and Glow Up Grants

Macclesfield Town Council  has produced a  Shop Front Design Guide – which aims to help local businesses work to improve their shop fronts. This work was undertaken to ensure that Macclesfield preserves its character and uniqueness, and many residents were involved and contributed their views.

Macclesfield Shopfront Design Guide – Feb 2022

The Town Council  wants to aid local independent businesses and help the regeneration of the town. Therefore it is introducing Glow Up Grants available to local independent SME’s to help them improve their shop fronts, using the design guide we have produced to enhance the look of their businesses and make them stand out as gems on our high street and in our town.

Businesses will be able to apply for up to £1,000. They would be eligible for this grant fund once.

The initial criteria would be as follows:
• Local independent business
• Situated in one of the Macclesfield Wards
• Is an SME

Consideration could be given to potential new businesses to help them open.

There will be an application process which would be reviewed and subject to approval by a panel of MTC Councillors and Officers.
Plans and costs would be part of the application process and the Macclesfield Shop Front Design Guide would aid this process. The Design Guide contains information about when planning permission is required and advice on the principles of good design, artwork and improvements to signage and shopfronts.
Applications may include:
• Repainting
• Artwork for the windows
• Towards costs of awnings (subject to approval from CEC)
• New Signage
• Blooms e.g. hanging baskets

The grant programme will open June 2023.